Let’s Take a Journey to South Africa

… And discover the wonderful world of Pinotage.


This week I had the pleasure of trying 2 very different Pinotage wines from South Africa.

The first one is Cafe Culture Pinotage from the Western Cape region.   It was recommended by a colleague of mine at work.  Thanks Anthony!

Talk about your flavor.  I didn’t have to lift the glass to my nose before the aromas of Mocha, Chocolate, Coffee, and Oak hit me.  And it was quite powerful on the palate as well.  All those flavors listed above are almost trying to compete for dominance with one another.  The winemaker himself, Bertus Fourie, was quoted as saying “is the most controversial style of Pinotage wine in the world. Most people crave it”.  

That’s an interesting statement to make.  I asked my friend Gary if he had ever tried it, and he said “About a dozen times, and I still don’t know what to make of it”.  It is one of the most interesting wines I have ever tried.

Now, if the “in your face” kind of flavor is not your thing, and you like all those flavors in a more subtle glass, I have the Pinotage for you.  My friend Sue recommended this.

This is the Ja-Mocha 2011 Pinotage , also from the Western Cape region of South Africa.  I loved this wine.  All those flavors of coffee, Mocha, chocolate, oak – in a more subtle wine.  Soft tannins and very well-balanced, I found it both extremely pleasant on the nose and on the palate.  I enjoyed it immensely both before the meal and after the meal.

Both are great wines.  Like all wines, it a matter of personal preference.  I think what I loved about these two wines the most, is that they are guaranteed to be great conversation starters.

I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you that read my blog.  The week before readership hit an all-time high, and last week we blew that record out of the water.   I am extremely grateful for the Shares and Retweets on social media, as it has allowed me to share and receive from people all around the world.

Thanks again, till next week, Cheers!


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