Personalised Port – A Great Gift Idea

I give wine as gifts quite frequently and I am always looking for ways to personalise the gifts.   Sometimes a bottle of wine in a plain wine bag just doesn’t cut it.   I recently came across a great website with great gift ideas.  I found this website called WineGifts4U and thought it was a brilliant idea to give Personalised Port wines as gifts.  Think about it.  Birthday gifts, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, Anniversaries – any occasion.

A great way to personalise a bottle of wine for your friends and family.  This company allows you to choose from an engraved wine, you can design your own wine label or use one of the personalised wine gift labels to put your own information on.  Above is a bottle of port with a pewter plaque.  And you can engrave a special message on the plaque for a special occasion on this reserve Port.  And it’s not just for Port Wines.  You can customize your bottle of wine, vodka, champagne or spirits.   All of which can be customized with this classic pewter label.   You could even put your logo on the bottle.  How’s that for a unique gift.

Port wine, also known as Vinho do Porto, is a fortified sweet wine  that originated in Portugal, and is often served as a dessert wine.   It comes in dry, semi dry and white varieties and there are several styles of port, including probably the most well known, and that is tawny port – aged in oak barrels and ruby port, which is the least expensive of the ports and therefore the one that is produced the most.    Fortified wines in the style of port are also produced outside Portugal, most notably in Australia, South Africa, Canada, India, Argentina and the United States.

The very different varieties and styles of port make it a very interesting gift.  The Port wine tends to be the subject of many conversations.  Imagine a personalised port wine – guaranteed to be the subject of conversation at someone’s table.   One of the things I liked about this site was that if I wanted to create an original gift, there is software on the site which allows me to upload a photo and attach it to a blank label.   WineGifts4U allows you to then pick the Port wine right on the site and they deliver as well.  Choose from ruby port, special reserve port and LBV port to customise.  This is a company that offers free delivery in the United Kingdom.  OK Canadian Entrepreneurs, here’s a great idea for a business here in this country.

Check out the website….



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