Great Canadian Wine Match

There’s a new way to spell success, GCWM, which stands for the Great Canadian Wine Match.  The first every Great Canadian Wine Match recently wrapped up and Canadian wine drinkers from coast to coast had fun nominating and voting for their favorite Canadian wines.   I was honored to be asked to participate in the nominating process, and thrilled when I found out my choice wine for chicken won!

Le Clos Jordanne Le Grand Clos Chardonnay

My choice for chicken was Clos Jordanne Chardonnay.   This is a true treat wine.  At $83 a bottle here in Nova Scotia,  I’m not cracking open one of these every time I put a piece of chicken on the grill, but to me, it is the ultimate chicken wine.  I have a bottle in my wine rack, and I’m trying to save it for a special occasion (for obvious reasons) but I swear there are days it calls my name.  Rich with flavors of butter and melon, this wine will go with chicken no matter how you prepare and serve it.   Check out the two fine wines that won 2nd and 3rd place, Gray Monk Ehrenfelser in 2nd and  Casa Dea Pinot Gris from Prince Edward Island was 3rd.  You can read about the winners for best chicken wine here.

I was ecstatic to learn a Nova Scotia wine won 1st place in beef.

Luckett Vineyards Phone Box Red

I moved to Nova Scotia in October of 2012, and I was here exactly one week when my sister and I jumped in my Jeep and visited Luckett Vineyards in the Annapolis Valley.  (Here in Nova Scotia, it’s referred to as ‘the valley’)  Pete Luckett is a local businessman and media personality known for Pete’s Frootique and Luckett Vineyards.   This wine was nominated by Deborah Hemming out of Montreal, and she says ” I first tried this wine while enjoying the amazing view of the Annapolis Valley from the Luckett Vineyard’s patio on a gorgeous summer day. Every time I drink it, I’m transported back to that place and time.”   2nd Place in the beef category also came out of the Maritimes, Black Prince Winery Cabernet Franc and 3rd place went to Smoke & Gamble Cabernet Merlot out of Port Dover Ontario.

Norman Hardie County Unfiltered Pinot Noir

Best wine in Pizza was nominated by Joe Hache from Picton Ontario, now living in Prince Edward Island.   This is why Joe nominated this particular wine “The nose showcases sour red cherry with hints of raspberry, cherry, rhubarb and cranberry. The palate is full of ripe red berry fruit with a hint of spice and a perfect balance of acidity and tannins. Norm makes incredible pizza in a wood-fired oven on site, using vegetables grown alongside his grape vines!”   

Joe has a wonderful website called ‘For The Love of Wines – The Wines of Prince Edward County’.  He’s lucky enough to have about 35 wineries within a 30 minute drive from his home.  You can check out his website here.

Second place for pizza went to Smoke and Gamble Cabernet Merlot and Laughing Stock Vineyards out BC won 3rd.   You can check out all the winners in the pizza category here.

Quails' Gate Estate Winery Optima Totally Botrytis Affected

The winner in the cheese category was  Quails’ Gate Estate Winery Optima Totally Botrytis Affected from the Okanagan region of British Columbia.  Nominated by Matt Steeves in Ottawa, he says “A Sauternes wine with blue cheese is a match made in heaven!”   Another Joe Hache nominated PEI wine won 2nd place, Harwood Estates Winery Marquesa and 3rd place went to Thirty Bench Wine Makers Riesling from the Niagra region in Ontario, nominated by Dan Tricka from Toronto.  You can check out what the nominees had to say about their wines here.

Domaine de Grand Pré Vintner's Reserve L'acadie Blanc 2010

It probably won’t come as a surprise that a Maritimer nominated a Maritime wine in the Seafood category and won.  Adam Bower from Halifax nominated and won with Domaine de Grand Pre Vintner’s Reserve L’acadie Blanc 2010 out of the Annapolis Valley.     Here’s what Adam had to say as to why he nominated this wine.  “Nova Scotia’s premiere grape goes perfectly with what we are best known for here: seafood!”  2nd Place went to a wine out of Prince Edward Island, Keint-He Chardonnay and 3rd Place to a BC Wine Recline Ridge-Shuswap Serenade.  Check out this link with the winners of the seafood category.

 And last but certainly not least, the winners of the best wine with dessert.
Black Sage Pipe 2007
First place went to Black Sage Pipe 2007 from the Okanagan in BC.  Nominated by Deborah Podurgiel out of North Vancouver, here’s what she had to say about her winning nomination.  “The Pipe (like Port) is a dessert in itself with ripe cherry and dark berries on the nose, chocolate, plum, figs, vanilla and a nutty finish on the palate. As a chocoholic, I’ve tried it with a Madagascar chocolate bark chunked with Madagascar chocolate nibs. It’s death by chocolate with a deliciously happy ending! ”  2nd Place was won by Huff Estates Winery Zero De Gris from Prince Edward Island and 3rd place was Jost Vineyards Vidal Icewine 2006 from right here in Nova Scotia.  You can check out the winners here.
What fun we had!  The first ever Great Canadian Wine Match, a brain-child of wine writer and Sommelier Natalie MacLean out of Ottawa, was a fantastic idea, and a great way to put the spotlight on Canadian wines.  We have some real beauties here.   I can’t wait to try all the wines!
I hear that maybe she is going to do it again in the Fall, this time highlighting ‘Wines Under $25″!
Till then, Cheers

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