Discovering New Wines This Summer

As the temperature inches up towards 30-degrees Celsius here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I come to realize that Summer is here!   And one of my goals this summer is to fully enjoy my patio.  And to enjoy a new wine each week.

So, over the past couple of weeks, I have tried some new ones that I wanted to share with you.

I have been enjoying the wines from the McManis Family vineyards for several years.  They make a fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, but this past week I have had the opportunity to enjoy the Merlot.  Well, I had it with a grilled stuffed butterfly pork chop (Recipe below).  Spectacular.  Gorgeous deep purple color in the class and cherries and strawberry greet your nose.   On the palate there is a vanilla flavored oak and I’m sure I detected some caramel.  It’s under $20, which means you can enjoy it any night of the week.

Every time I see the words Mendocino County, I think of the song Mendocino County Line by Willie Nelson and Lee Anne Womack.   This is a beautiful Grand Reserve Zinfandel and comes in at about $25 here in Nova Scotia.  A nice spicy fruity Zinfandel with flavors of cherry and plum and a bit of black pepper.  Fantastic with a BBQ!


I can honestly say this is my first time writing about a Rose wine, and definitely my first writing about a Malbec Rose.  Until one week ago, I didn’t know a Malbec Rose existed.

This Malbec, when harvested, is vinified in stainless steel at temperatures below 18-degrees.  Recommended by my friend Rayell, this wine is perfect for summer.  It’s fun and refreshing and a real conversation piece.  Aromas of grapefruit, its crisp with a real nice acidity and has a beautiful finish.   People who love red or white wine should definitely try this, and at just $15.99 a bottle, why wouldn’t you try it.

Another fun wine this summer is this gorgeous California Pinot Grigio from the makers of Menage a Trois.   I have written about their Red wine before, and I love it.  Well last weekend, I enjoyed the Pinot Grigio.  Tropical fruits, big and beautiful fruit flavors and a refreshing crisp acidity.   It’s under $20 here in Nova Scotia, and so food friendly.  Or you can enjoy it all by itself on a patio, as I did last weekend.

Enjoy the summer, and I would love to hear what new wine you have tried this summer!  Many people ask me my recipes, so here is my simple recipe for Stuffed Pork Chops.  You can also use it for pork tenderloin as well.  You can also mix and match any of your favorite ingredients

Stuffed Pork Chop.

1 butterfly pork chop  (not to thick, because it will be harder to grill)

1 piece of bread cut up into small pieces

Bacon bit – the real ones.  Or fry a couple of pieces of bacon and cut those up into small pieces

Feta cheese  (I use crumbled or feta with sundried tomatoes

I have added olives, jalapenos, sundried tomatoes and peppers for a different taste

A dash of basil

Salt and pepper to taste

Mix the ingredients with a bit of olive oil or butter, and lay on 1/2 of the pork chop.  Fold over and secure with tooth picks.

Grill all 4 sides of the pork chop, marinating with mustard and a bit of BBQ sauce.



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