Wine, Happiness, Chicken & Sommeliers in Training

When award winning Wine Writer and Sommelier, Natalie Maclean, asked me to nominate wines for the Great Canadian Wine Match, I was honored and thrilled.  I never dreamed my wine would win in any of the categories, but my pick for chicken – Le Clos Jordanne Le Grand Clos Chardonnay won as the best wine for chicken.

Le Clos Jordanne makes two kinds of wine, and only two kinds.  Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and is probably the reason they do it so well.  Le Clos Jordanne Le Grand Clos Chardonnay is the perfect treat wine, and in my opinion, the perfect wine for so many chicken recipes.   Smooth, supple, full-bodied and rich.   And a Chardonnay not over-powered by oak.  Gorgeous.

It’s a treat wine for most people.  It’s $83 a bottle here in Nova Scotia and similarly priced across the country.  So most of us don’t enjoy $83 bottles of wine every day of the week.   But you know what.  Treat yourself.  It’s worth it.  Don’t wait for a birthday or anniversary.  Make your own special occasion.  Celebrate life and a good meal with a spectacular bottle of wine.  We all need to do that every once in a while.  That’s where the happiness comes in.

When Natalie asked me to participate in a 3-way interview with Le Clos Jordanne winemaker Sebasian Jacquey (pictured above), I was so nervous I almost cancelled.  But I was so glad I didn’t cancel.  Two great people who know so much about wine, I had a fantastic evening sharing a glass of wine with these two fine people.

I also loved the name Natalie put on the feature, so that’s what I’m titling the blog this week.  Here’s the video.

Wine, Happiness, Chicken & Sommelier’s in Training

During Segment 2, Natalie asked me my favorite recipe to go with this wine.  I had a couple.  I am always getting asked for my recipes, so here is one of my favorite chicken recipes.


Darlene’s Maple Dijon Chicken

  • Chicken breasts (or thighs can be used – skinless and boneless are my preference)
  • Maple Syrup  (the real stuff – not pancake syrup)
  • A grainy Dijon mustard.
  • A couple of tablespoons of Low Sodium Soya Sauce
  • Splash of red wine vinegar
  • Minced garlic
  • A shake or a squeeze of lime juice
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

Combine all the ingredients and pour over the chicken.  Now, if you have time, put the chicken in the fridge and marinate it for as long as you can.  Try marinating in the morning and leave it in the fridge all day.

Ensure you have enough sauce to cover the chicken at least half way.  You can cook in a casserole dish in the oven or even on the BBQ.

I have done this one my BBQ 2 ways.  I love cooking the chicken in the sauce.  Put it in an aluminum foil baking dish and enjoy a glass of wine while this cooks on the BBQ.   (this is my favorite way.)  Or you can take it out of the marinade and cook it right on the grill.   Either way tastes delicious.

Your family will love this chicken recipe.

Enjoy your favorite wine with it.  Till next week, thanks for reading and Cheers.


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