Honoring Our Military

This is the Remembrance Day weekend here in Canada, and Monday, November 11th is Remembrance Day.    I am humbled by those men and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country and I am in awe of all those that are serving in the military today.   We live in a country where we can all voice an opinion, and not be afraid of persecution.   Today there are still people in the world that can end up in jail for expressing an opinion that the government deems wrong.  I don’t think we should ever take these freedoms for granted.

So as my way of saying thank you to the men and women that defend our country and serve in our military, here are a few of my favorite wines in your honor.

Beringer Private Reserve Chardonnay:

I love a California Chardonnay and this was one of my favorites.  Silky rich with flavors and aromas of fresh fruit, some floral notes and vanilla toasted oak.  It has very crisp acidity so it doesn’t weigh heavy in the mouth.  This balanced wine will compliment any chicken dish you might be having this weekend, and just about anything you are serving food wise.

Chateau La Commanderie Cru Bourgeois Saint Estephe

This full-bodied wine from the Left Bank of Bordeaux is ripe and has distinct tannins.  It bursts of flavor of black currants, savory spice, caramel  and oak.  It will make a commanding presence at any BBQ this long weekend and any beef dish.

Eric Chevalier MusCadet 2010

This is a gorgeous breezy white wine that has a bit of sweetness.  It is a light bodied wine with crisp acidity and gorgeous flavors of lemon and lime.  Aged in glass, so for all my wine drinking friends that are not big fans of oak, this is a beauty.  This wine will perform perfectly with seafood, including this seafood chowders.

Captain‘s Walk Winery:

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, there is a beautiful little winery called Captain’s Walk Winery.  This gorgeous property offers wine tasting in a laid back atmosphere.  A great place to experience award-winning wines in casual environment.

Bottle of Captains Walk 2006 award-winning merlot

This is the Captain’s Walk Merlot.  This, or pretty much any Merlot will go deliciously with any pork dish you are serving.  I love a nice smoky Merlot with pork tenderloin or grilled pork.  Medium bodied wine with soft tannins and big juicy plummy flavors.

On this very special day, I ask that this be more about, just another long weekend.  This is a day of remembrance for those who fought and the many who died for our country.   I also personally acknowledge our current serving members of the military.  And if you see a veteran this weekend, please say thank you and shake the person’s hand.  It’s the very least we can do

Take care



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