Which Wine Should I Serve?

First, leave it to Grumpy Cat to bring in a lot of readers.  Thanks to everyone for reading and sharing last week’s blog.  I hope you enjoy this one as well.  With the Christmas Season, comes Christmas parties.   I’m sure the majority of people reading this blog, will host at least one get together this season.  And this time of the year, the biggest question I get asked, is ‘What wine should I serve?”
Also, keep in mind the blog is called ‘In My Opinion’, and I welcome all feed back and suggestions on the topics.  You may choose different selections than me, and that’s OK.  I would love to hear from you.
First, keep a selection of both red and white wine on hand.  If you are a read wine drinker, for the whites choose a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc.   A Chardonnay is smooth and silky, the Sauvignon Blanc crisp and fresh.  When offering your white wine drinking guests, ensure you tell them your selection.  They will have a favorite.  If you want to add a 3rd, I would choose a Pinot Grigio.  All 3 wines are very food friendly and also great sipping wines.  Your guests will not be disappointed.
I think it may get a bit trickier if you are a white wine drinker, and you’re wondering which red to serve.  I’m told by my white wine loving friends that picking out a red wine can be intimidating.  Even my own sister uses the phrase “I don’t know what you like”!   It may surprise you, but most of us red wine loving people – you would be hard pressed to find a wine I didn’t like.  There are some, but red wine drinkers are much easier to please than you think.  If you were going to pick two, I would pick Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s the most widely planted red grape variety.  You can’t miss.  And for the second one have a Merlot or a Pinot Noir on hand.
All the wines I have mentioned are food friendly, and will go with a wide variety of foods.  Whether your get together is finger food only, or a full sit down meal, you won’t go wrong with the choices.  You can even add a light sparkling wine to the mix.  Sparkling wines tend to be crisp, refreshing and fun.  And can go with a full range of food choices as well.
What are your favorites choices for serving at a party?  As always, would love to hear from you.
Till next week, Cheers

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