Wines of Portugal- Give One A Try


Aren’t these pictures  beautiful?  They are pictures of Portugal and although I haven’t been to Portugal yet, in the past couple of months, I have had a couple of fantastic wines from Portugal.  We recently studied Portugal when I took Old World Wine and we tasted a number of wines, and I’ve also had a couple of bottles of Portuguese wines given to me lately.   So today we are going to venture to Portugal – a country that has fantastic wines, yet it amazes me when I talk to people, how few have tried the wines from Portugal.  So here’s hoping today’s wine blog has you going out and trying a wine from this country.

Alianca with salad

I took this picture last night.  I was having my Buffalo Chicken Southwestern Salad for dinner (after having a big lunch) and I have found the perfect wine to go with anything spicy and/or anything salad.  This wine went together with the Buffalo Chicken like a long married couple.  I love hot and spicy food, including Thai food, Indian cuisine, you name it.  This is perfect, and perfectly affordable.

Alianca label

The wine is Alianca Vinho Verde from Portugal.  Fresh, crisp with the perfect amount of acidity.  The citrus and tropical fruit flavors together with some effervescence make this wine refreshing and fun to drink.   Don’t get effervescence confused with sparkling.  It is not a sparkling wine, but there’s just enough spritz to really bring out the flavors.  Another Vinho Verde I have tried recently while studying about wines in Portugal is this one.

Quinta vinho verde

The Quinta Da Avaleda is a little dryer, but still tasty nonetheless.  Those light fresh citrus notes are there  along with some minerality and I understand this is a great wine that goes with mussels and oysters.  As most of you know, I am allergic to most seafood, so I’m taking the word of people smarter than me on this subject.  Another find from Portugal for all my red wine drinking friends, is this one.

Borba bottle

This beauty from Portugal is under $20 as well, and it’s full-bodied, rich and has gorgeous fruit flavors mixed with notes of chocolate.    What’s not to like about this wine?  It’s big and bold and will complement any beef dish you would want to serve.

When people think of Portugal, they may be thinking just Port.  There is much more to Portugal than just Port.  Wines from Portugal are yet to be discovered by many people, and this is a country where wine and food are so important to the people.  Known for hearty portions and big meaty dishes, Portugal offers a wide variety of wines from different regions, all focusing on the strength of that region.


Here’s one more I’ve tried recently.  Made from Tempranillo and Touriga Nacional, this heavy duty baby can stand up to anything you put on a grill.  With its fruit driven flavors and hints of wood and herbs, this was meant for meat.  Touriga Nacional is a local grape variety from Portugal and many people believe one of the best, as it adds body and structure to wines.

When I started my journey to becoming a Sommelier, I promised I would bring you along with me, by sharing what I’ve learned about different wines from around the world.  Portugal was fairly new to me until recently but if you want great wine at reasonable prices, head to the ‘Wines from Portugal’ section of your favorite wine store.  You won’t be disappointed.

Till next week, Cheers





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