It’s the 1st Day of Summer!

Summer 1 Summer 2

It’s finally here!  The 1st day of Summer!  There were days this past winter that I’m sure some of us thought this day would never come.  But it’s here, and we all know what that means.  Sunny skies, shorts and flip flops… and of course our favorite wines enjoyed on patio decks.  As you can tell, I love Summer.

Summer 3

So, when the temperature outside heats up, I like the temperature in my wine glass to go down.   But that’s just me.  So here are a few of my favorite Summer wines.

Pinot Grigo f0d2e-2011-menage-a-trois-pinot-grigio

Pinot Grigio… the quintessential summer wine.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  The Gabbiano on the left is from Italy.  Light and crisp with citrus and pear flavors, perfect with summer salads, chicken and or all by itself on the deck.    The Menage a Trois Pinot Grigio is also light and crisp with great acidity and a great food wine.

Alianca with salad Portuguese style chicken

Here’s another great wine for Summer.  The Alianica Vinho Verde from Portugal, and this  picture is taken in my house, enjoying a Buffalo Chicken Southwestern Salad.  This wine and salad go hand in hand.  It’s also a great wine to pair with those spicy dishes you like, found in Asian or Indian cuisine.   And made for the Portuguese style chicken called Peri Peri.

Lohr Chard Label  Casillero chard label

I’m a Chardonnay girl, and I love California Chardonnay.  It’s my mom’s favorite wine as well, so it’s going to be a staple in my wine rack this Summer.  J. Lohr Riverstone Chardonnay is full-bodied and rich and full of gorgeous mango and apple flavors.  This is also one of my favorite chicken wines.  No matter how I do chicken, a Chardonnay seems to be perfect with it.   Another country making kick-ass Chardonnay is Chile.  This Casillera del Diablo is fresh and fruity and a beautifully made Chardonnay at a very reasonable price.

Bachelder Chard

I have also fallen in love with the Chardonnay wines from the Burgundy region in France.  Thomas Bachelder is making wines in Canada, Oregon and France, all in the Burgundian style.  I love how the fruit shines through, even though the Canadian version spends about 17 months in oak, it doesn’t over-power the wine.   I love Bachelder Chardonnay wines, and if you haven’t tried one, you should.

Predator  Tempranillo

I just can’t do a wine blog about Summer wines without touching on my favorite summer reds.  The regular readers of this blog know I love Old Vine Zinfandel and Predator is one of the best.  I just love it.  The wine on the right is a new find, and quickly becoming a summer staple.  The Finca El Encinal has been given 94 Points, and I wrote about it last week.  Delicious Tempranillo wine that loves grilled food and pork.

wine optimist

Till next week, please drink responsibly.  And here’s hoping your glass is always half full this Summer.





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