Celebrating Canada Day with Great Wines

Canada flag 

This is the 147th year that we celebrate Canada Day, which honors the anniversary of Confederation, when Canada became a country separate from the British Empire.   It was known as Dominion Day until 1982, and Newfoundland has a beer called Dominion Ale.

Dominion ale

But today we are here to talk about wine!   Are you grilling this Canada Day?  Regular readers know what a huge fan I am of Old Vine Zinfandel and I found a new one.  It’s call Brazin!  Yep, that’s not a typo… Brazin.  I had it last night with my BBQ chicken, and thought I would start my long weekend celebrations a little early.


Big bold flavors of mocha and spice with lots of ripe fruit on the palate.  Little hints of chocolate and vanilla with a nice long finish.  I’ll be having this one again!  Perfect as well with BBQ ribs, if that’s on your Canada Day menu, or a juicy steak with pepper… heaven!

Jimmy Shiraz bottle

Here’s another great BBQ wine for your long weekend.  Jimmy Shiraz, from Australia, which comes in under $20.   This 100% Shiraz has those gorgeous plum and spicy peppery flavors.  Grapes were picked late season so they are very ripe and luscious, and this wine will go with anything you put on your grill.  Also a great wine to go with Mom’s roast.

Genesis Syrah

Using the same grape, Syrah, this wine from Genesis is another great BBQ wine.  This is from the Columbia Valley in Washington State, just south of British Columbia and this region is putting out some fantastic wines.   If you haven’t tried wines from Washington State or Oregon, try one this weekend.  This Genesis Syrah has rich flavors of cherry, blackberry, nutmeg and a touch of vanilla.    And for the white wine lovers, here’s the bottle I have in the refrigerator right now, to enjoy this evening.

490 Chardonnay

490 Meters Chardonnay is what’s on my menu this evening.  A great way to celebrate Summer with this fresh fruity Chardonnay with lip-smacking flavors of fresh fruit salad and peaches.  Some citrus notes and a good clean finish.  Love a nice chilled Chardonnay on a gorgeous summer day.

Wine Happy woman

I am one happy woman this weekend.  4 days off, the weatherman is calling for sunshine for all 4 days and of course there will be wine.  Enjoy your Canada Day, till next week – Cheers



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