The Gorgeous Undiscovered Riesling

Red and White

I have a confession to make!  I have a shameful confession to make…. Before I started my journey into becoming a Sommelier, I only drank red wine.   I didn’t start tasting and enjoying white wines until I started this journey 3 years ago.  And now, I hear friends saying the same thing ‘I only drink red wine’.  Recently, I had two great friends, Sue and Jayme Lynn, who I had the pleasure of introducing to Riesling.  On separate occasions, we went out to lunch, had Chicken Pad Thai and Sushi, and they let order the wine.  I ordered Riesling.  I love Riesling.   And Chicken Pad Thai is just one of the reasons.

I love Riesling

One of my instructors and President of the Atlantic Division of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers, loves Riesling.  And he brought this love affair to class and shared it with us, and now I’m on the Riesling bandwagon.  And even if you have tried Riesling and didn’t like it for some reason, try a different one.  It comes in dry and sweet, (personally I like a little sweetness to off-set spicy food), it’s light, fruity and floral.  Some aging Rieslings have that petrol aroma, which I’m not overly fond of, so I like the newer fresh fruity Rieslings.  Here are some I’ve had lately that I loved.

Wine Birthday Me

I know you’ve seen this picture of me enjoying Riesling before.  Look at the pure joy on my face, and why wouldn’t you think ‘I want me some of that joy’.   Here’s the Riesling I was enjoying that day.. the J. Lohr Riesling from California.  Yummy.

Here’s a picture of my friend Sue discovering Riesling for the first time… Look at that joy

Sue discovers Riesling


J Lohr Riesling  Kung fu Riesling

Here’s a Riesling that I’ve enjoyed recently and it was fabulous!  Kung Fu Girl Riesling is reasonably priced at around the $20 price range, has gorgeous stone fruit flavors like apricot and peach, is perfectly balanced in my opinion, between sweetness and acidity and an overall a great value.  Kung Pao shrimp or Kung Pao chicken, this is your wine.  All Asian, Indian and spicy fare.  And you know, the food doesn’t have to be spicy.  I love Riesling all by itself, and with chicken.  This is a very versatile white wine.  Here’s a local beauty from Nova Scotia and Gaspereau Vineyards.

Gaspereau Riesling

I love love love this Riesling.  Gaspereau Vineyards does an awesome job of balanced Riesling and at $17.99, this vibrant Riesling is one you should try if it’s available to you.  It’s made right here in Nova Scotia, and I love the fact I can get this wine.

I know this week’s blog is short and sweet… I have the folks in town… but I’m begging you… please please please try a Riesling… especially with food.  You’ll love it

Till next week, Cheers



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