Writer’s Block, Not Wine Block

Writers block

This is my 252nd wine blog, so it’s understandable sometimes I get writers block.  What will be the theme of this week’s wine blog.  There’s never a shortage of fantastic wine to write about.   And such is the case this week…. I can’t think of a theme, so I called it Writer’s Block, but not Wine block.  I have some fantastic wines to write about.

November 2014 007

You all recognize my friend Rayell from the NSLC on Larry Uteck.  With her is a familiar face in the Larry Uteck store, Kim.  It’s the first time I’ve seen Kim since the Port of Wines, as he recently lost his 92 year old mother.  He told me they celebrated her life in fine style.  Thoughts and prayers are with you Kim.  Kim is holding last nights pleasurable selection of wine. It’s the Grant Burge Filsell Old Vine Shiraz from the Barossa Valley Australia.

November 2014 008  Applewood smoked bacon mustard

Oh my God, if you want to open a bottle of heaven, this should be your next choice.  I believe Kim said the vines were 60 years old, and the wine was aged in oak for 20 months.  This wine has won 24 gold medals, 49 silver medals and 58 bronze medals in competitions.  And its won over 100 medals for good reason.  It’s vibrant, complex, has lots of flavor and with every sip you discover something new.   Lots of gorgeous fruit and vanilla notes from the oak.  I had this with a grilled stuffed butterfly pork chop.   I stuffed it with a dressing made from bread crumbs, apples, carrots, garlic, pepper, and onion powder.  On the chop itself I brushed applewood smoked bacon mustard on both sides.  (Yes, they make such a mustard!  You can’t make that stuff up ) To say I matched it with the perfect wine, would be an understatement.

Grant Burge label

Grant Burge is the winemaker behind the Hillcott Merlot.  Kim was tasting that last night as well.  I had written about this wine back in May of this year.  Read the blog here.   I had kicked off my long weekend in May with this beauty.  It was smooth and I loved the aromatics on this wine.  The oak was well integrated and not overpowering at all.  Ahh, another week where we highlight a great Merlot.

Butchers gold

Here’s a wine I tried this past week.  At a great price point, it’s a nice little wine to open any night of the week.  It comes in at around $13 and is 80% Shiraz and 20% Sangiovese.  It’s full-bodied, meaty and nice tannic structure.  It pairs well with food, however, my friend and I had no trouble finishing the bottle after the meal.

Larry Uteck Gang

Before I go, I have to give a shout out to these fine people, they are the staff at the NSLC store on Larry Uteck.  Over the past couple of months, I have bought several friends to the NSLC location on Larry Uteck here in Halifax.  And every single friend leaves the store saying they have never had an NSLC experience quite like this one.  This group of people continue to wow customers every single day!   So hats off to the people who put up with me every week, and always have a fine recommendation.

Till next week, Cheers


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  1. Rick Martell says:

    Always a GREAT READ, thanks Darlene.

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