It’s Award Season for Wine too!

Golden globes Oscar

You can’t turn on your television these days without knowing we are smack dab in the middle of Award Season.  I love Award Season.  I’m a huge fan of movies and last Sunday evening I sat in my chair with a glass of wine and watched the glitz and glamour of the Golden Globe Awards.  I was one of the first to find out who got nominated for an Oscar.  I too was outraged that Jennifer Aniston didn’t receive a nomination for Cake…  And I’ll be seeing who wins the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Directors Guild Awards, and every other Guild who puts out awards this time of year.  Well, did you know they pass out awards for wines too!

Award winning wine

Ever notice those small circles on the wine labels?  Well, they tend to be awards given to the specific wines.  And it’s not just expensive wines that get awards.  I am going to share with you a couple wines under $20 that have received many awards.  Take for example the Las Moras Black Label Malbec from Argentina.  It’s won more awards than Meryl Streep has in nominations…

Las Moras

This is a great wine for under $20 and the 2010 vintage won the Silver Medal at the World Wine Championships and the 2011 Vintage won the Gold at the same Championships.  Hints of mocha, caramel, and toasted nuts are some of the subtle favors you will find in this medium – to – full bodied wine. A great example of an award winning wine that won’t break the bank.

bl 14 DrsCk Pinot-front  2012 Block 3 43 Deg front

Here’s  red and a white from a family vineyard in New Zealand that have racked up a few awards.  Move over Katherine Hepburn, the Saint Clair line of Pioneer Block wines have a pretty impressive amount of awards as well.  The Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and fresh and one of my favorite wines for appetizers and the Pinot Noir is heaven in a glass.   I wrote about these two wines wine previously in a blog called ‘Favorite Family Vineyards.

Winter 2015 006

Look at the awards this Wakefield Riesling racked up.  This is one of my favorite Rieslings, and Wakefield also makes a delicious Shiraz, really spicy.  You can find the Wakefield line of wines in the Australia section, and they are all around the $20 mark, so very reasonably priced.

Winter 2015 004  Greg Label

Composer Alan Mencken has won the most Academy Awards with 8, and I guess I would probably have to call Wolf Blass the Alan Mencken of the wine world.  His website boasts 100 pages of awards… that’s right, 100 pages of awards.  Here’s one I had this previous week, the Gold Label Shiraz.  And one of my favorites is from his luxury line, the Grey Label Shiraz.  This is the perfect steak wine.  Seriously, sometime this year treat yourself to a steak and a bottle of Grey Label.  (Unless, of course, you’re a vegetarian. – you’ll still love the wine, just with a different dish)

Winter 2015 005  Raza 2

And last but not least, this wine comes under two categories, award winner and a new wine I had never tried before.  Last week was the wonderful Malbec from Cahors, this week it’s a wonderful Malbec from Argentina.   The picture on the left I took, and I couldn’t get the whole label, so on the right is a picture of the full bottle.  This wonderful wine is the Raza Gran Reserva Malbec for under $16 and sports a very aromatic nose.  Ripe dark fruit,  plum,  a hint of chocolate and yummy spices.   It was a really warm evening here in Halifax, so I fired up the grill and I had this wine with BBQ chicken.  Delicious.  This is one of those great wines that you say to yourself ‘This is really only $15.99″ followed by a ‘Wow’!

Well that’s it for this week.  Lots more award shows coming up before the big one… the Oscars on February 22nd.  I watched the Grand Budapest Hotel the other evening, it’s up for Best Picture and it was really good.  Before the big night, I hope to watch all the Best Picture nominees so I can cheer on my favorites.  I will give you my predictions before the big night.

Till next week, Cheers





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