A Fond Farewell in Fine Wine Style!


This gorgeous lady is my friend Jayme.  We will be friends forever, but up until yesterday we also worked together.  She is pursuing another exciting opportunity and we threw her a farewell party last night.  Some of the work gang got together to say goodbye.  There was wine, there was lots of wine.

Jayme's party

Did I mention there was wine?  Our friend Kate kicked off the night with a great wine from Portugal.


The Altano Douro 2012 from Portugal has been voted one of the top 25 wines from Portugal.  It’s a tempranillo, organic and at under $13, has been called a ‘brilliant bargain’ by many websites.  Made by Symington, the largest organic wine farmers in the region, this beauty from Douro is medium to full-bodied, earthy and all kinds of flavors.  It was a winner.


Another tempranillo has me dubbing this wine the best value in the store right now.  This is the Anciano Gran Reserva tempranillo.  We enjoyed several bottles of the 2006 last night, and I do mean several.  It’s aged at least 7 years, with a couple of years in mellow oak to bring out the best flavors of the wine.  This wine is on sale right now for $12.99 and it’s a great wine.   At 9 years of age, its a mature tasting wine, it has a softness that comes from aging and fresh strawberry fruit.  I love this wine and have bought several more bottles.

Wee Angus

Anyone familiar with Angus the Bull wine will appreciate the baby brother… Wee Angus.   Sue bought the 2011 Wee Angus, which is a Cabernet Merlot blend and everyone at the party that tried it – loved it!  How can you not.. all the great tannic structure of the Cabernet and the juicy plumpness and flavors of the Merlot.   A subtle touch of vanilla oak made it a hit at the party.

Jayme 2

So although I can’t peek over the rim of her cubicle for a quick chat anymore, we are still going to enjoy Thai food and Riesling together.

New wine of the week..


The Romeira Vinho Tinto Regional Alentejo Colheita Seleccionada.  Try saying that 3 times fast… who am I kidding, try saying it once.  It’s a mouthful… both on the tongue and on the palate.  This is another beauty from Portugal with a tempranillo grape as well as Alfrocheiro Preto added in.  Now that’s a new grape for me… the Alfrocheiro Preto is a grape from Portugal added for its rich dark color.   It was delicious for a wine under $15 with its earthy flavors and hints of plum.

Next weekend is Valentine’s so we will be featuring Wines that say I love you!

Till next week, Cheers



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