Mother’s Day Wine Suggestions

Next Sunday, May 10 is Mother’s Day.  Who doesn’t have a soft spot for their mom.  I definitely do!  She just turned 80 recently and looks great.

Mom #1

This was us walking at Christmas time, days before her 80th birthday.  She’s very active.  And she loves wine.   Like Mother, like Daughter.  Chardonnay is her wine of choice.

J Lohr Riesling

This is one of her favorites.  And I have to admit I love it too.  J. Lohr Riverstone Chardonnay out of California.  We were sitting around playing cards one evening, and my other sister was there.  She doesn’t drink wine, and Mom and I were enjoying a glass of this Chardonnay.  And my sister says ‘I smell apples, green apples’.  The grapes for this wine is grown on loam soils with underlays of “riverstones”, which is where the name comes from.  Green apples, a citrus note and gorgeous vanilla flavors from the 6 to 10 months it spends aging in oak.

Nova 7

Another white wine my Mom loves is Nova 7 from Benjamin Bridge right here in Nova Scotia.  This is a real treat for my Mom because it’s not available for sale where she lives, so she only gets to enjoy it when she comes to visit me.  This is our Sunday afternoon sitting on the patio, loving every ounce of Summer wine.  Nova 7 is a wonderful expression of the province I currently call home, Nova Scotia.  It is crisp and refreshing, elegant and food friendly all mixed into one.  I love Nova 7, and I always have a bottle of it in my wine rack.   And no matter what is on the menu for the Mother’s Day meal, chances are Nova 7 will pair beautifully.

Mom #2

Mom and Dad are always smiling.  Another great picture from when they came visiting last Summer.  If your Mom is a red wine drinker, well I have a few suggestions  for you.

Pio Cesare Barolo

Here’s another beauty from the wine show I attended a little over a week ago.  The Pio Cesare Barolo has grapes grown from 5 different locations in Piedmont.  This is another favorite from that wonderful Italian show.  Made 100% from the flavorful Nebbiolo grape, this very dry wine with its great structure and dried fruit flavors is a must if you are serving lamb on Mother’s Day.

My new wine of the week this week…. (hint – something a little different)

Zin Cab

A Zinfandel Cabernet blend.  What?  ( I know… I said the same thing)  We have a few independent wine stores in Halifax, and I love visiting them.  (Sorry Rayell)  And this was one of my finds.  And it was good.  You don’t hear a lot about wines from southern Italy but this one from Puglia was a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and some Pinot Gris.  (yes, that’s a white grape).   It will probably come as no surprise when I tell you it has a deep rich color.  Zinfandel and Cabernet will do that to a wine.  This was full-bodied and velvety.  Coming in at $16.99 this is a great BBQ wine, no matter what night of the week.

Me and Tigger

So to all the Mother’s out there, whether you have 2 legged babies or like myself, 4-legged babies, have a great day.  As a daughter, I can’t express my gratitude enough to my wonderful Mom.

Till next week, Cheers




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  1. ronald m ryan says:

    great job Darlene. Say hello to your mom and dad for me.

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