Wines To Get Your Groove On!


This past week a little girl named Johanna became an Internet sensation when a video of her dancing to Aretha Franklin’s Respect was uploaded.  This gorgeous girl and her 2 friends captivated the world with cuteness.  You can watch that video here Dancing to Respect

And it got me to thinking.  You know when you have a couple of glasses of wine and you think your dance moves are as cute as the ones in the video?  Yeah, not so much.   If you’re like me, you probably look more like this.

Mr bean

All the dancing that took the world by storm this week, got me thinking… here are a few wines that will have you looking good on the dance floor.

Dancing Bull

What better way to kick off a blog about wine and dancing than the Dancing Bull Zinfandel.  This is a light to medium bodied Zinfandel, very reasonably priced at around the $15 range, and features yummy strawberry and cherry flavors with toasty vanilla notes.  Great for when you BBQ chicken, or want to dance like one!!

Swing  Evans label

Here’s a fun wine with an equally fun name.  Swings & Roundabouts Chardonnay, an Australian wine from the Margaret River region.  I love Chardonnay from the Margaret River region, and this one is delicious and fun to drink.  Medium bodied with melon fruit flavors, nectarine and vanilla from the oak aging.  Although this wine is not available here in Nova Scotia, it is available through the LCBO and was my fun find the last time I was in Ontario.  However, if you live an area and can’t get Swing’s and Roundabouts, try a Chardonnay from the Margaret River region, like this Evans and Tate Margaret River Chardonnay.

Jacob's moscato

You can’t talk about dancing and wine without bringing up the fresh and lively Moscato.  My sister was over for supper the other day, and she discovered she liked wine.  So she cracked open this fresh Moscato from Jacob’s Creek in Australia.  Floral and citrus flavors with honey and a bit of sweetness along with some effervescence.  We both really liked it, and I ended up dashing on a little extra hot sauce because I love the combination of spicy food and Moscato.  We had fun drinking this wine together.


Here’s great advice for this week, dance like no one is watching.

Till next week, have a little fun



  1. ronald m ryan says:

    Good Job Darlene!

  2. darmyers says:

    Thanks Ron

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