Wine & Jazz – A Match Made In Heaven


Halifax Jazz

Our beautiful city of Halifax is hosting the Jazz Festival this week.  I love listening to Jazz music and enjoying a glass of wine.  They go hand in hand like spaghetti and meatballs.  So if you’re getting your Jazz on this week, here are a couple of my favorite wines to go with the tunes.

Jazz 1


If you love Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and John Coltrane like I do, you have to love the smoothness of a Pinot Noir.  Here are some of my favs!

bl 14 DrsCk Pinot-front

The Pioneer Block Pinot Noir from the Saint Clair Family Estate Winery is spectacular.  This winery is putting out some of the best, and each Block has unique characteristics.  I have tried several of the ‘block’ Pinot Noir wines, and I have not been disappointed.

Dec 2014 054Dec 2014 053

This is my friend Anthony and I enjoying one of our all time favorite Pinot Noir wines, the Sea Smoke. Hailing from the Santa Rita Hills in California, this beautiful wine is aged exclusively in French oak for 16 months, of which 55% are new barrels.  I loved the wood on this wine along with rich fruit, spices and a smokiness that greatly enhanced the wine.

Calera labelWhitehaven

And my final two are two more favorites.  Calera, Josh Jensen’s California Pinot Noir that literally has my mouth dancing.  And my go to favorite when it comes to Pinot Noir – Whitehaven from New Zealand.  Both, like  my favorite jazz tunes, are super smooth, sexy and feel good wines.  Heightened flavors of fruit, strawberry and spicy wood.

Jazz 3

White wine drinker?  Stay with the Pinot family and enjoy a great Pinot Gris.

Sandhill Pinot GrisAra Pinot Gris

Here is a Canadian favorite – from the Sandhill Vineyard in British Columiba.  Crisp and refreshing with gorgeous citrus flavors… a great Summer wine.   Next to it is the Ara Pinot Gris.  I shared this wine with a friend visiting from Moncton last Summer, and we sat on the patio and enjoyed every sip.  From New Zealand, it was vibrant and aromatic and it’s a wine that pairs great with food as well.

And now my new wine of the week…. and it’s a beauty!

Iscay Malbec

This is the Iscay Malbec and Cabernet Franc blend.  And oh how delicious it is.  Nothing adds elegance to a wine like Cabernet Franc and the distinct aroma greets your nose.  This is mixed with the distinct aromas from the Malbec including blackberry fruit and cola.  It is rich and full-bodied and has delicious spices and this will go with beef, lamb, game meats but I loved it drinking it all by itself.  At $45 it’s a bit of a treat, but we all deserve a treat and oh what a treat it is!

Jazz 2

Well that’s it for me this week, I have to go enjoy more of our Jazz Festival.  Don’t you just love weekends in Summer?  What’s on your agenda this weekend?

Till next week, Cheers



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