Great Wine Great Prices! 90+ Program

90 Points

Who doesn’t love a great bargain, especially when it comes to wine.  I love this time of year, the 90+ Program is out.  The program have wines that have all been given ratings of 90 or higher and they are all priced under $30.  There are some beautiful wines.


Here’s a returning favorite.  The Finca El Encinal Crianza is a gorgeous Tempranillo wine from Spain.  You’re greeted with toasty oak on the nose, but it disappears and doesn’t over-power the wine.  The dark berry fruits are what stands out with this wine and with some earthy notes that make it a great wine for game, grilled lamb, lamb chops and beef.   This wine has been given ratings as high as 94% by some critics and sells here in Nova Scotia for just $22.99

Wine 006

Here’s a new entry into the 90+ Program for under $30.  This is a fabulous Chilean Pinot Noir that sells here for $21.99 and worth every penny.  Pinot Noir is such a finicky grape and is sensitive to extreme weather conditions, like droughts and extreme heat which can both be found in Chile.  This vineyard is equipped with a drip irrigation system that services the grape’s unique needs.  What we have is a delicious wine with cherry and prune flavors, rich on the fruit side with good acidity for a perfect balance.  As many of you know, Pinot Noir is my favorite food wine.  it goes well with just about everything

Wine 004

The Orestiadi Ludovico Rosso Sicilia IGT 2008 vintage is a mouthful to say and a mouthful of brilliant winemaking.  Named after a man known for simplicity and elegance, that was the goal of the two winemakers when they set out to make this wine…. and they succeeded!  With 90% Nero d’Avolo and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s full-bodied, intense and flavorful.  Rich fruits, good tannic structure and leather and tobacco notes, this wine sold out of the NSLC pretty fast.  If you can find it your area, buy a bottle like I did, and hold on to it.  Save it for a special meal, it’s that special of a wine.

Wine 003

Here’s another wonderful value.  At just $18.99 this Tempranillo Crianza from Spain is already 5 years old and super smooth.  It not only made the Top 100 list last year from Wine Spectator, they also gave it 90 Points.  A medium-bodied wine with lots of fresh fruit flavors, baking spices, vanilla and oaky notes.   Great wine and great value.

Wine 001

And for my new favorite find of the week, our white wine loving friends will thank me for this one.  This is one of the best Chardonnay wines I have had in a while.  The Mer Soleil Reserve Chardonnay is full-bodied and rich with notes of tropical fruit and a buttery toastiness from impeccable oak aging.   Living in Atlantic Canada, I personally can’t eat lobster, but for my friends that can, try this wine with it.

Wine Good for you

Well that’s it for me this week… thanks for taking the time to read my wine blog and till next week, Cheers



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