My Favorite Burger Wines

Burger week

Last week Halifax celebrated Burger week, and I joined in the celebrations in a couple of ways.  I did go out and enjoy some burgers, and I also cooked a few burger concoctions myself for the staff of the radio station.  I love burgers because they are so versatile, and they also pair beautifully with wine.

Burger week 3 Burger week4

Burgers and wine are one of those matches made in heaven.  Now you might be thinking because of the red meat, red wine is an automatic.  I have a couple of great red wine matches, but don’t discount the white.


Here is a great burger white wine.  One of my favorites.  Out of California comes the Conundrum white.  The aromas of this wine alone will take your breath away.  Juicy aromas of passion fruit, tropical fruits and peach.  And all those flavors follow the wine to the palate.  This is a rich full-bodied white wine that is a blend of Chardonnay, Semillion, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier…. this is a wine with lots of layers.  There is a hint of oak, but I don’t feel it overpowers the wine in any way, so for my friends who don’t like Oak this wine could be worth a try

Double Decker wine

This Double Decker California Red Blend is another great burger wine.  My apologies for the wine stained  label on my bottle LOL     I guess I was super excited to try this one   Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah and Barberra brings to the table a full-bodied wine and lots of juicy flavors.  Juicy wine, juicy burger, what’s not to love.   In my opinion a juicy wine is one where the fruit just shines.  Flavors of plums and black cherries is a great compliment to anything barbecued, especially the burger.

Burger week5 Wolf Blass Shiraz

I like to add Sriracha sauce to my hamburger meat before I put it on the grill.  I like a burger with a bit of spice.  So it probably won’t come as any surprise that I like a bit of spice in the wine.  Nothing brings a bit of spice to wine like a good Shiraz, and I haven’t had this particular Shiraz since I left Newfoundland, because my local liquor store doesn’t carry this one.  It’s too bad, it’s a beautiful wine.  Inky purple colors with flavors of chocolate and eucalyptus with a slight herbal finish.  The Grey Label Series from Wolf Blass are favorites of mine.  They also make a fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon.  They come in around the $40 range, but if you get a chance to try them, treat yourself.

My new wine of the week is ….

002 006

Surprise… it’s a Pinot Noir out of Chile.  I was pleasantly surprised by the body in the wine, and the variety of layers.  Pinot Noir, when not done right, can be wimpy and not have a lot of flavor.  Known as the heartbreak grape, this grape has a very thin skin, which makes it very finicky.  It’s hard to grow, hard to cultivate, but the reason wine-growers still go through hell and back to grow this grape is that once it’s done right, it’s magical.  The Santa Ema Reserve Pinot Noir was done right and the best part… it’s under $22.  This was a medium to full-bodied and had the cherry and strawberry flavors you’d expect in a good Pinot and it had a lasting finish.  That’s what I liked about it.  When Pinot Noir is done right that’s what happens, it lingers.  Santa Ema has been making wine since the 1930’s when Pedro Pavone came to Chile from the Piedmont district of Italy, and Wine Spectator has named them one of the Top 20 Value brands.  This is a great wine, give it a try.

Wine Saturday 2

Wouldn’t be the first time!   However I have a dinner party tonight so I’m really hoping for the opportunity to try a lot of different wines. I will write about them next week  Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for reading.

Till next week, Cheers








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