I’m Dreaming Of a White Christmas!

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And I’m not talking about snow either!   And although I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, wine that is, I would never pass up a glass of red this holiday season.  After all, red goes with just about everything!  If you are dreaming of a white Christmas, try this fun, easy to drink wine.


The Jacob’s Creek Moscato is an effervescent wine that comes in both white and Rose.  Off dry and fruity, the white boasts peach and honeysuckle flavors and the Rose is very similar with hints of candy on the nose.  They are very reasonably priced at just $13.49 a bottle, so we can afford to crack open more than one.  And they are a great wine to pair with appetizers and Christmas party snacking foods like cheese balls.


I had this one the other night and it’s been a couple of months.   And for the life of me I can’t figure out why!  It’s a great wine at a great price $16.99 per bottle, but it tastes like a $25 bottle of wine.  A blend of Merlot and Corvina, Corvina being a grape mostly grown in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy.  It’s a wine that comes from an old world country, Italy, but with new world nuances.   The fruit on the wine is very rich and it also has notes of vanilla and licorice.

Wine 001

Here’s a great white wine to get you out of any winter doldrums   It even contains the word sun in the name.  Mer Soleil means “Sea Sun”  and is named after the sea and the sun.   This one is created by a fifth generation winemaker and Charlie Wagner makes a great Chardonnay.  Tropical fruit with a lemony freshness and buttered toast notes….its a winner!

And my wine of the week……


The 2009 Chateau Haute Serre is a spectacular Malbec from the Cahors region of France.   Although Malbec has become the iconic grape of Argentina, it originated in the Cahors region of southwestern France.  This wine has great fruit which you will notice right away with its deep purple color, complimented with spice and woodsy notes.  A great wine to pair with those comfort foods of Winter!


If you’re like me, you have quite a few events to attend this month, and most of them include some wine.  Which is why I am apologizing to my liver now!  LOL

Have a great week and till next week, Cheers



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