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First of all, let me say a very big thank you for all the feedback I received last week.  I very much appreciated it.  I really liked hearing things about the blog you liked, like finding the good values – great wine at great prices, and I even had someone who knew I loved to cook, to include some of my favorite recipes as a pairing. I read them all and over the coming months you may get a new flavor to the wine blog.  Keep the feedback coming!

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So my favorite season is upon us.  I love Fall.  I love the gorgeous colors, the cool nights for sleeping and the harvest of local fruit and vegetables.  The fact that it is also grape harvesting season in the wine industry brings a smile to my face as well.  Probably not a coincidence for that timing.

I`m going to start this blog off because a favorite value of mine, that hasn’t been available for a long time is back, and it`s a favorite of mine for 2 reasons, it’s great wine and it’s a great price!


This is one of those great wines that tastes like a $40 bottle of wine but is $18.00 a bottle.  It`s the Hoya de Cadenas 130th Anniversary edition from Spain and it is so smooth and easy to drink.  This is a blend of some of my favorite grapes including Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Bobal.  Bobal is a grape that originated in Valencia Spain and is named for the latin word Bovale, in reference to the shape of a Bull`s head.  I find this wine to be extremely elegant and it’s complimented by flavors of cherry and spice and very subtle oak.  It`s back at our local liquor store so stock up while it is still here.


While we are in Spain, let me tell you about a new wine I tried this past week.  It`s the Red Guitar Old Vine Tempranillo Garnacha.  Garnacha being the Spanish pronunciation of the French grape Grenache.  Fans of Apothic Red might like this wine, as there is a slight tinge of sweetness added.  It`s a medium-bodied wine with flavors of raspberry and some sweet winter spice.  It`s well priced at $15 a bottle here in Nova Scotia, and I have many friends who love the Apothic Red, with that hint of sweetness, and this is a wine that you might want to try.  Great wine for pork.

And now my wine of the week,


In previous blogs, I have talked about Valpolicella especially Ripasso.  This is a Valpolicella Superiore – what’s the difference you might ask?  2 things, grape selection and ageing.  It has to be aged for one year before release but traditionally Superiore is aged 2 years.  Valpolicella Superiore is considered the second step on the way to Amarone.  This fabulous wine is $25 and worth every dollar.  Here in Halifax, Superiore wines range from $20 to $52, so this is good value. Very smooth and tasty abd the palate comes alive with flavors of cherry, plums and spice.   The perfect wine for pasta and pizza.  My apologies for the cat dish in the background.  LOL


I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend

Till next week, Cheers


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