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I’m doing another wine tasting tomorrow and I’m excited.  There are 20 people coming to this one, and that means lots of questions.  There are a couple of people coming that it will be their very first wine tasting, and one of the ladies was asking me what to expect.  As I told her, this is your wine tasting.  I’m only there to pick out some different wines for you to try and to answer all your questions.  As I do more and more wine tastings, I realize there are a few of the same questions that get asked every time.  So this wine blog is all about answering questions, and I have an awesome new wine for you to try as my wine of the week.

What makes a good wine?

Drink the wine you love and love the wine you drink.  That’s all you need to know about what makes a good wine!  Think about it.  I have a couple of friends who only drink white wine.  So if you were to give them a glass of Bordeaux, no matter how high the quality of the Bordeaux, they are not going to like it.  So to them, it’s not a good wine.  But I love Bordeaux, so I would find it a good wine.  Wine is a matter of personal preference.  Have fun and try new ones, but drink the wine you love, and don’t worry about whether anyone else thinks it’s a good wine.  People’s opinions will vary, and no one is wrong.  That’s why I called my blog Wine – In My Opinion.

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What temperature should I serve my wine?

The topic of wine temperature always comes up.  Sadly, many people won’t try red wines because they don’t like the warm taste to their lips.  Many people, including most restaurants, serve red wine too warm.  When it was stated that red wine should be served at room temperature, they meant the room temperature of  the underground wine cellars.  And remember, hundreds of years ago, homes were not as warm as what they are today.  The average room temperature in a home is 23-degrees Celsius.  Way too warm to serve wine.  Red wine should be  served between 13° and 16°C  and some people like their big heavy wines,  like Cabernet Sauvignon, served  at 18° , and this is fine.  White wine should be served betwee 9 & 11 degrees, and ice wines as cold as you can.

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How do I know if a wine is bad?

On Thursday evening I opened a bottle of wine and knew instantly it had gone bad because of the smell permeating from the bottle.  It was this wine..

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I have had it several times before, it’s a great wine for BBQ food, so I did know it had gone bad. I bought it back to my NSLC and they exchanged it no problem.  Now keep in mind there was one small sip taken out of the bottle.  They may raise an eyebrow if most of the bottle is missing!  About 10% of corked wines do go bad, and about 4% of screw caps.  It amazes me how many people tell me they have never returned a bottle of wine.  Which means some people open a wine, maybe for the first time, and think they don’t like that particular wine.  How I knew this wine was bad was because of the skunky vinegar smell.  Sipping it confirmed it.  If a wine tastes like it sat open in a barnyard, or has any sharp ‘off’ smell, pour the glass back in the bottle and return it to the wine store where you bought it.  Believe me, they’ve all taken back wine.  Wine’s too expensive to waste.

And now it’s time for my wine of the week… I’m so excited because I LOVED this wine…


This is the Magnifico Rosso Fuoco Primitivo.  From the Puglia (pronounced pool-yah) region in Italy, this is a magnificent Primitivo wine.  Primitivo is the Italian version of Zinfandel.  This wine had a really nice medium to full-bodied feel and the jam flavors are a compliment to this wine, not a detriment.  There are spicy notes to compliment the juicy plum flavors and I had this wine with baby back ribs that I did last weekend.  If there’s a heaven, I want this wine and baby back ribs to be a part of it.  It was wonderful, but this wine would also pair well with stew, lamb, beef, and especially any kind of gamey meat.  (I’m from Newfoundland, this pairs well with moose)

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If you have any questions about wine, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Have a great weekend, till next week, Cheers




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