Summer Wine Lovin’!

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Yesterday at 12:54 p.m. Halifax Nova Scotia time, it officially became Summer.  It’s about time Mother Nature, we have waited a long time.  Summer means BBQ’s, get-togethers with friends and wine.  Here’s a few of my favorite Summer time wines.

Pinot Grigio

Had a group of friends in Thursday evening and opened this Pinot Grigio from Italy for the first time.  And what a hit it was.  Sartori Pinot Grigio Arco Giovi is a fabulous crisp Pinot Grigio and at $15 a bottle, you’ll be able to enjoy it all year round.  Great for appetizers, salads, or just sitting on the patio, this was deemed a winner from all the white wine drinkers Thursday evening.

The second bottle of white wine we opened Thursday evening was this one.


Although we opened it Thursday evening, I bought the remainder down to a gathering of friends last night.  My friend Jean really liked it, and I was kind of on the fence about it at first.   This Chardonnay had the oak a little dominant,  but I had just come from a winetasting in which we tasted a Chardonnay that practically had no oak, so I have to wonder if my taste buds were compromised .   It’s a big Chardonnay with an alcohol content of 14% .  At $22 a bottle I thought it was very fairly priced.

Jacob's creek.jpegJacob's Creek Moscato rose

I have been recommending this wine a lot lately, because it tastes very similar to a very popular locally made Moscato with some effervesence.  The Jacob’s Creek Moscato comes in a white or a rose style, and both contain a tinge of sweetness, as is very common with Moscato wines.  This wine comes in at $14 though, making it an affordable refreshing patio wine for Summer.


At another tasting I was at last night at our local NSLC, they were celebrating the first day of summer with ribs and wine.  The ribs were done by a local restaurant and were fantastic and one of the wines they were featuring was the Zinfandel  I wrote about last week.   So I’m going to feature one of my all-time favourite Zinfandel wines, the 7 Deadly Zins!   Named for its sinfully good taste, the 7 also represents 7 different growing areas the Zinfandel grapes came from.   It belongs in the blog with great summer wines because it’s the ultimate barbeque wine in my opinion.

And for my wine of the week, we take a trip to Italy….


From the Piedmont area of Italy that brings you the Barolo and Barbaresco wines, comes this  wonderfully priced Nebbiolo.  Both Barolo and Barbaresco wines can fetch hundreds of dollars for a bottle, and this gem is a steal of a deal at $22.   I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared this with you, but when red wines age they develop a brownish tint.   The wine is still perfectly good.  You’ll notice a brownish tint in this wine even though I had a fairly young vintage, 2017.   It was a delicious wine, very well structured, with great fruit and light herbal notes.   The oak was very soft and gentle.   I loved it, and will definitely buy it again.


We’ve waited all winter for summer, I hope you enjoy yours.

Till next week, cheers



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