Re-connecting with Friends

I had the most wonderful week this week, and I wanted to share. The person in this picture was one of my best friends growing up, we met when we were in our early teens and hung out together. I also learned to skateboard because of this guy, he was excellent on a skateboard when we were younger. We grew up in Corner Brook Newfoundland together and as we turned into adults, we moved to different parts of the country. The last time I saw him was 15 years ago, when I lived at home for a few years and he was home visiting from Toronto. Now he and his husband have retired in Antigonish and I live in Halifax, and he was coming to town. We reconnected over several wonderful bottles of wine. How’s this for a blast from the past.

We were kids, all dressed up for a fancy night out at the Glynmill Inn in Corner Brook. Somewhere I have a picture of myself and Shane, when I went to Shane’s high school graduation with him in 1978. We’ve been friends for a long time, and I think I have met the person who loves red wine as much as I do. Before dinner we shared a bottle of awesome wine. A Ripasso.

Everyone who is a regular reader of this blog knows how much I love Ripasso. Valpolicella Ripasso and Amarone wines are indeed special and unique. Shane had a great name for Ripasso, he called it Baby Amarone. Amarone is produced with grapes dried for 3 months, Valpolicella Ripasso is made with 2 fermentations, the first one with fresh Valpolicella grapes and the second one in contact with Amarone skins. This La Poiane Valpolicella Ripasso was spectacular. A great price at just $25.99, we enjoyed it while catching up, but it would also be fantastic with food.

As a matter of fact, we continued with the Ripasso theme over dinner. We went to Amano, an Italian Ristorante in downtown Halifax. It was my first time there and it was fabulous. I had the most delicious roasted beet and arugula salad to start, and then I had the Penne alla Boscaiola. I couldn’t tell you how to pronounce it, but it was penne sauteed with roasted chicken, bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, parmigiano and a demi-glace.

The picture is a little dark because the restaurant was a little dark. Shane had the Margherita pizza, which he let me try, and it was delicious. Very much like the Margherita pizza I had in Rome. And the wine we had while enjoying our fantastic food? This Ripasso

This isn’t my picture

The Zenato Ripasso is only available at Bishops Cellar here in Halifax, a privately owned gorgeous wine store next to the restaurant we went to. But it is available at most provincial liquor stores across Canada. This too was a wonderful treat. It was lush and had a gorgeous lingering finish. I would definitely buy this wine again.

We finished the meal with coffee. Shane had an espresso and I pulled a rookie wine drinking move. I had a coffee and Bailey’s topped with lots of whipped cream. It was tasty, however, as I said, a rookie move on my part. Every experienced red wine drinker knows not to mix creamy stuff with red wine. Tip for my readers. If you are drinking red wine, stay away from whipped cream.

So that’s it for me for this week. Yesterday was a fun day at work! I had a delivery of some wine from New Brunswick, from a friend and colleague who travelled up there.

Till next week, Cheers


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