Making November A Little Less Dreary

November in Halifax

We had a fabulous September and October weather-wise here in Halifax, but we’ve seen our fair share of rain in November. There’s a special weather statement in effect for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, we could get over 150 mm of rain with high winds.

People have asked why I’m putting up some Christmas lights a little early, well it makes things look less dreary. Plus, they bring me joy, and we could all use joy.

My foyer

This is what outside my apartment door looks like right now. The lights in the holiday swag are battery operated and so pretty.


Here Gabriel is checking out the Christmas decorations in my entrance way. Not sure what to think, although this is our 4th Christmas together.

You know what also brings me joy? Probably not too hard to guess, since you’re reading a wine blog. Wine. And food. I get a lot of joy from food as well.

Wings & Potatoes on the BBQ

I do love grilling all year round, and experimenting with new recipes. I normally do wings in the air fryer, but I tried a dry rub, grilled them, and finished them in the air fryer for crispiness. They came out pretty good!

Let’s talk some wine. I have a wine tasting tonight, where we are doing some comparisons between grapes in different price ranges. I’m really looking forward to it, as there are a couple of new wines I’ll be featuring tonight. I’ll tell you all about it next week.

Many new wines have arrived at the NSLC recently. I tried one last night.

I love the label and had to try the wine. Plus it had a great price point, $12.49. Love the lips, and how they call it ‘easy going red’. To my friends in Newfoundland, it’s available there as well, and it’s on sale there right now. It’s a fun and easy to drink red blend. I looked everywhere on the Internet and on the bottle, and no where could I find the grapes used in this wine. But it’s tasty and definitely worth the purchase.

Bu Vivere Sangiovese

This is another new wine I’ve tried in the past couple of weeks, a Sangiovese out of Italy. This is another great value that will only be at our liquor stores for a limited time, it’s $14.99 a bottle, and it’s fresh and fruity with some spicy notes. It’s a great bottle of wine to bring if you’re invited somewhere for dinner.

I know I didn’t do a wine blog last weekend, I had company all weekend, and just didn’t get the chance. i’m really looking forward to my wine tasting tonight, and sharing some of the new wines I’ll be introducing tonight.

I’ll tell you all about them next weeki’ll tell you all about them next week


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