Where Are All The Deals?

    Me On Vacation!

I would love to go on another trip to a destination I have never been!  So where are the deals?  Is it my imagination, or do there seem to be fewer deals this year than ever before?

I was thinking that with the economic recession around the world, and people all over Canada and the United States losing their jobs, that the travel industry would offer some good deals on vacations.   I think the statistic I heard was 598,000 people lost their jobs in January.   These people are trying to save their homes, probably not thinking about vacations.

I was talking to my travel agent in early January and she told me that people are waiting for ‘the deal’!  Well, where are they?  Normally in January, Air Canada offers a great seat sale.  If they did it this year it was the best kept un-advertised secret ever. 

I have been checking the regular websites, (Expedia, Travelocity, etc)   but nothing catches my attention as a great deal.  I usually take a vacation every year, usually a sunny destination.  6 months of winter each year will do that to you.   I know what I have paid in the past, and I’ll tell you, there aren’t any spectacular deals yet.

If anyone knows of  another website I can check out, please let me know.

Here’s to the sunshine in our minds!


Gran Torino

Gran Torino

I had the pleasure of seeing the movie ‘Gran Torino’ on Friday evening, starring Clint Eastwood, and I gotta say ‘Clint Eastwood Rocks!’

There is a reason Eastwood is called a movie icon, and tough guy action here – And they are all evident in the movie Gran Torino.  It was excellent.  Not only did he star in the movie, he directed it as well.

As painful as some of the racial slurs were to hear, I do understand they were needed to understand the man Walt Kowalski, and the growth of his character.  As he unwilling, at first, begins to protect the Asian family living next door to him, and then becomes entwined with the family,  you can see his character develop and his racial prejudice melt away. 

Even if you have never been a fan of Clint Eastwood, go see this movie.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Twilight – The Book & The Movie!


I read the book first!  And I LOVED it.  I’m an avid reader, and was a while catching on to this one, because usually I don’t enjoy books about vampires.   So I was a little late picking it up.  But when people at work starting talking about, when I came across it in the book store, I grabbed it. 

This is a beautifully written love story.   A fascinating tale in that only Stephanie Meyer could have made all the vampire characters so real!  Mysterious but at the same time warm.  ( I know, strange words to use about ‘cold ones’)  But they were warm and likeable, and I cheered when these two misfits fell in love.

Then I went to see the movie!  And I LOVED it.  Nothing excites me more than when a great book is made into a great movie.  (well there may be one or two other things that excite me more, but that’s another Post)

The first thing I noticed is that the movie is well cast.  As Stehanie Meyer describes the characters in the book, that’s how they came alive on the big screen.  (Again, pardon the pun please).  And this relative unknown cast impressed me so much with great acting.  These are not easy characters to play but each actor and actress did a fantastic job.  This book was a best-seller and they had big shoes to fill.  And they were wonderful.

Go see it,,, fall in love.  It’s full of suspense, mystery, some comedy and a great love story. 

I can’t wait to get to the book store to buy the next book in the series, New Moon.   Enjoy!


The Bucket List

Have you found Joy?

Have you brought Joy to others?

I loved this movie.  I love Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman.  And they were splendid.  Nicolson was his best sarcastic witty self,,, and Morgan Freeman was the warm insightful character we have come to love.

The questions at the top were two things that stood out for me in the movie.  Morgan Freeman believed when he got to the “Pearly Gates”, these were the two questions that were going to get him admitted.  And he lived his life accordingly.   I always like to think it was “What have you done for others?”.. But this works for me.  Find joy for yourself, bring joy to others!  Simplistic but profound.

What would you do if you were given less than a year to live.  And why would it take a death sentence for you to make out a ‘Bucket List’?  Make one out while you are healthy and vibrant,,, and set out to achieve as much on that list as you can.

Good Living!


ps… I just finished reading Stephanie Meyer’s book “Twilight” and I am going to see the movie this week.  The book was awesome.  It and the movie will be my next post.  I know, I know, I’m late jumping on that bandwagon, but I always sucked at following fads.  The book was great.  Will let you know about the movie.  Have fun, tomorrow is Friday!

The United States has a new President!

    From “I Have A Dream” to ‘Yes We Can’

What an exciting day!  Today the United States swore in its 44th President, and  Barack Hussein Obama started his 4 years in office with a speech filled with hope.   I loved the part of the speech that said ‘a man who’s father 60 years ago would probably not get served in a restaurant can now stand before you to take the most sacred oath’.

Nancy Gibbs from Time Magazine summed it up eloquently and talks about the humility, gratitude and sacrifice much better than I can.  The link is attached.

You see, this is not just a great day for Americans.  This is a great day for everyone with dreams, hope and aspirations.  Victory cheered throughout the world today from Kenya to Canada.    I’ve mentioned it before, when the United States sneezes, Canada catches a cold.  Well today we grabbed the Kleenex and cried tears of joy with everyone else.  Barack Obama represents hope not just for the United States of America but to the rest of the world that there are better days ahead.

It’s a great day to celebrate around the world.

Enjoy and share it with your family and friends.