Bay Roberts Shoreline Heritage Walk


Juggle's Cove Grave Yard   The Cliffs Outside Bay Roberts  French's Cove

I had the pleasure today of taking the Bay Roberts Shoreline Heritage Walk.   This beautiful walk along the shoreline and cliffs of the ocean surrounding Bay Roberts is instant stress relief.  Developed by the Bay Roberts Heritage Society, they have done a great job of paying honor to the past while at the same time enjoying nature.

You can stand on the spot where French fishermen toiled as far back as the 1500’s.  As a matter of fact, there is a small graveyard, as part of the walk, with gravestones dating back to 1676 I believe, and some of the 1700’s.  Very cool. 

There are more pictures of this beautiful outing on their website at

If you are travelling the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland anytime soon, take it in.  You won’t regret it.


3 Months No Television!

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Today marks 3 months, as I continue my journey through this time in my life with no television.   I’m still not tempted to hook up with satellite or cable. 

This month I have hooked up with another favorite pasttime – crossword puzzles.  I used to love crossword puzzles, especially the Sunday Crossword from the Washington Post and New York Times.  I got out of the habit.  But now I am back in the swing of things, and enjoy sitting down on Sundays with a cup of coffee and a pen (yes, a pen) and my favorite crossword.

Have also read a few great books… (a couple of not so great books).  Reading ‘The Pact’ by Jody Picoult right now and really enjoying that.  I also enjoyed Denzel Washington’s ‘A Hand to Guide Me’, and one of my favorites so far this summer has been Richard Paul Evans ‘The Last Promise’.  Great summer pick.

I have also watched a few movies including ‘Angels and Demons’ with Tom Hanks, which I liked more than the movie ‘Davinci Code’.  Ewan McGregor was great in this movie.

And I have been writing in my blog more.  Good or bad, there you have it.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!


Suds Summit – What a Great Idea!

President Barack Obama (R) sits down for a beer with Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates (2nd L), Cambridge, Massachusetts, police Sergeant James Crowley (2nd R) and Vice President Joe Biden to try to start a dialogue on better race relations in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington, July 30, 2009. REUTERS/Jim Young  When President Barack Obama said the arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates was stupid, he was right.   It doesn’t mean Sargeant Crowley is stupid. It means that, in that moment, he made a stupid choice.   It also brought to light that the election of President Barack Obama last November did not end racism.   I read today that President Obama’s approval rating slipped almost 10 points because of the way he handled this situation.  I wanted to write this today, because his approval with me went up, on the way he handled this.

Barack Obama suggested the two men sit down and chat over a beer.  Great Idea.  This incident between Professor Gates and Sargeant James Crowley has captured the nation.   Everyone has jumped on the racism band-wagon and President Obama is trying ease the tension surrounding this incident.   I think sitting down for a cold one has helped cool a lot of hot tempers.



Vacationing in Newfoundland this Summer!

photo of Newfoundland Coastal Scenery Twillingate   photo of Funny Dog Newfoundlander

This is the first  year in many years I am staying home and vacationing in Newfoundland.  Taking in many of the festivals and events that happen in our province.  There are some great things going on in Newfoundland this summer.

Klondyke Days in Bay Roberts, in Conception Bay.  On now, and will continue until August 3rd.  The Town of Bay Roberts puts off a fantastic 10 days of events for the entire family.  Including 3 great tribute concerts, including the Stars of Pop – tribute to Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers for the younger ones.  Thunderstruck, North America’s #1 Tribute Band to AC/DC, and Bon Journey, Canada’s favorite tribute band to Bon Jovi and Journey.

The Brigus Blueberry Festival is also just around the corner.  The town of Brigus is one of the prettiest places you will ever visit, and this Blueberry Festival is going to be fun.  I have already been to Bonne Bay this summer with my nephews, and in August I am looking forward to taking them to Rocky Harbour and Cow Head.  In Cow Head is the annual Gros Morne Theatre Festival.  The Gros Morne Theatre festival features nightly entertainment consisting of dramatical and musical performances depicting the Newfoundland way of life as well as a reflection of our pass.  With the nationally and internationally recognized “Tempting  Providence”, “Neddy Norris Night”, “The Ethie Dinner Theatre” and other performances, a night at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival will add tremendously to your visit to Cow Head and to Gros Morne National Park in general.

There’s also Markland Days, the George Street Festival, the Bartlett Celebrations, Rising Tide Theatre, the Stephenville Theatre Festival, Deer Lake Strawberry Festival, and many many more Festivals.

Enjoy your summer!


The Art of Handwriting!

I was reading a Time Magazine article recently on mourning the lost art of Handwriting.  Here is the article if you would like to read it as well.,9171,1912419,00.html

And I would like to add a few comments.  I realize there is a young generation of people that text more than they talk, however, one day these people want to enter the work force.  My advice is don’t let the handwriting skills slip you by, and face to face communication skills are needed if you are going to succeed.  So its fine to text, I do it myself, but you have to open yourself to and learn other forms of communication.

I have been stating for a long time that the generation of young people who soley communicate through computer, and their free time is spent with an X-Box, are not doing themselves any favors, because in the Business world, a broader skill set is needed.  Unless all these young people intend to be computer programmers, they need to broaden their horizons.

It’s up to us to ensure our young people read more, write more and learn more than what’s available on an X-Box.   And don’t forget to write that handwritten note.