Dream Big… It Costs the Same!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them!”  Walt Disney

It is said whether you dream big or dream small, the cost is the same.   As kids, we believe anything is possible.   However, as we grow older we are told to ‘stop day-dreaming’ and ‘grow up’.   Do you think anyone told Walt Disney to ‘stop day-dreaming’?  Probably!  Wouldn’t it be a shame if he had listened?

Sometimes I think its easier to work hard at something, than it is to take that leap of faith and have the courage to dream big!   Did you know that most people are not afraid of failure, they are afraid of people telling them ‘You’re Crazy!”  Now that’s crazy!

The motivational speaker Les Brown says if we are going to fall, we should land on our backs.  If we can look up, we can get up.  This is a guy that says some people die at the age of 21, but they dont’ get buried until they are 75.  Not the way I want to live my life! 

Most people on their deathbed rarely regret things they did, most regret the things they never did.  You’ll never wish you spent more time at the office.  I do not want to be one of those people who have regrets like that on my death bed. 

I had the privilege of attending an ‘Energy Empowerment’ Workshop this weekend with Dr. Gabrielle Woerner out of Montreal.  I found it interesting that our physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body are all connected.  I liked how this lady encouraged us to dream,,, dream big,,, dream whatever we like,,, but enjoy the journey.  Savor the moments we are in.   Take time to enjoy and be grateful for today!  Now that’s good advice.

Enjoy your week!  Dream Big!


Tigger Turns 13!


Hi Everyone!

I am experimenting with my posts, adding pictures, links etc.  I am so new to this!

I have decided to call this Post “Tigger Turns 13” .  You have probably figured by now I have a cat… I adopted him 12 1/2 years ago from the SPCA at the age of 5 months, and recently he turned 13.  You’ve probably also guessed his name is Tigger.  It was a longshot, but I just knew you would figure it out.

Tigger has lived in 4 provinces in Canada, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.   He was abandoned on the side of the highway in Alberta, before being bought to a local SPCA.  I did some volunteer work there, and the first time I picked Tigger up, he wouldn’t let go.  I really had no choice but to adopt,,, he seriously wouldn’t let go of me.

A pet is instant stress relief!  Great company and animals seem to be able to read your mood, and will lift your spirit automatically.  Did you know people who own pets live longer?  I believe it… you can’t stay stressed in the company of a pet.  

If you are considering adopting an animal, they will become part of your family.  I urge you to do your research before adopting or buying an animal.  Make sure the animal fits your lifestyle, as Tigger does mine.  I will have a dog once I retire, but living out side the city, and being gone about 11 hours at a time, just wouldn’t be fair to a dog at this point in my life.  Remember, if you are considering adopting or buying, make the decision for the long haul.  They could be part of your family for a long time, and that time will include vet bills including vaccinations, getting spade and getting sick.  It’s all a part of it.

But the richness Tigger brings to my life.  I wish that richness on each and everyone of you.

Have a great day

Darlene and Tigger

One Hell Of A Ride!

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I have been doing a fair bit of reading during this Christmas break, and one of the most fascinating books I have read, ‘One Hell Of a Ride’ – How Craig Dobbin Built The World’s Largest Helicopter Company In the World” by John L. Reynolds.

This is the story of how Newfoundlander Craig L Dobbin, who came from a working class Irish beginnings in St. John’s Newfoundland, and rose to auspicious heights of success.  Now although these rags to riches stories are quite common, I guarantee you none of them has pulled the stunts this man has pulled.  It is entertaining, inspiring and jaw-dropping in places. 

Imagine being broke and wanting to buy another company.  When people told him he was broke, he replied ‘that’s your problem, make it happen’.   I remember reading this book and thinking the word ‘risk-taker’ is used alot, but this man’s picture should be next to the word in the dictionary.  When he was in risk of losing some of his planes to re-possession, he flew them around Newfoundland to avoid the people trying to take back the planes.

This is a great book.  I realize I too am a Newfoundlander and have met many of the people in the book, but I guarantee you will enjoy this book.    His friends included former U.S. President George Bush Senior who is interviewed for the book, as well as Canadian businessman Harry Steele.  One Hell of a Ride is One Hell of a Read!


2009 – A Year of Change!

New Year Wallpapers 800 X 600


Happy New Year!  Are you ready for 2009.   I believe it is going to be a year of change!

I haven’t written in a while, considering my last article was entitled “39 Sleeps to Christmas”.   I didn’t take my own advice, and got over-whelmed in December.  Thank you Craig for kick-starting me this morning with your recent comment.    I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing this!

I logged on to a couple of news sites this morning and after glimpsing headlines of uncertainty, I closed them.  Because I woke up this morning invigorated and excited about the coming year.  I believe in change, I believe change is the only constant we can count on!  And change is good.   After spending a quiet New Year’s Eve reflecting on 2008, I also spent some time reflecting on the coming year for myself personally.  I love New Years Day.  It represents to me 365 days of possibilities. 

I also like the ‘Out with the Old, In with the New’, that comes with each New Years Day!  Already this morning I have gutted out my spare room, removing clutter and boxes.  Why, I ask myself, would a self-proclaimed pack-rat buy a 1074 square foot COMDO!  Change of course.  It was January 2 years ago, and although I struggle sometimes with the lack of storage space, I do love condo life.  I have also started in on cupboards and drawers, stuffed to the max with ‘Stuff’!  I figure if I haven’t used it in 3 years, I probably dont really need it.

I am also excited about the coming year at work.  Working in the media means constant change as well, but I look forward to the challenges these changes will bring.  Change means growth in our business, and growth is always good.

So I wish everyone a Happy New Year.  I hope 2009 means change and growth both personally and professionally to all of you.   The Greek Philosopher Heraclitus wrote “Good character is not formed in a week or a month. It is created little by little, day by day.”  And that is something I will be bringing to my daily life in 2009.


Hope Won!

            Barack Obama-SDW-000785.jpg            Click to show "Barack Obama" result 1      Click to show "Barack Obama" result 10


For the people who know me, they were surprised when one day had passed and I hadn’t written about the U.S. Presidential Election and the fact that Barack Obama had won!  There were several reasons why.  Most importantly, in the early hours of Tuesday, November 4th, my good friend Al Best lost his battle with cancer.  I was numb.  By Wednesday, one of my co-workers commented that she was shocked I hadn’t mentioned Barack Obama’s name in two days.  That numbnes again.  I couldn’t think straight, let alone sit down at a keyboard and write something that made sense, let alone celebrate the man who I had rallied behind for 20 months.

I picked the title of my blog from the t-shirt Oprah Winfrey was wearing the day after the election.  And I thought “that’s it”!  Hope Won!  I am neither American  or African-American, but I too felt Hope had won.  This impressive young Senator from Illinois represented Hope from not only Americans, but people throughout the world!   He represented change from the ‘crooked’ perception we had of government.  And not only the American government but governments throughout the world.  He represented something different than the ‘same old, same old’!   And we were all cheering for him, because if the United States could bring forward this kind of change, maybe the countries we live in could do the same.  We too, are sick and tired of the ‘same old, same old’!

My good friend Gary Kelly, another Canadian, was fortunate enough to be in California on November 4th, and sat in a bar Election night.  There were people disappointed and people elated, but what a priviledge to be there to witness it all. 

And in my closing comments, I would like to say to the world, ‘be patient’.  This man has quite a mess to clean up.  It’s not going to be done in one month, and not in one year.   Confidence in the United States is already on the increase, and after January 20th it will be full force.  But remember Barack Obama is only human, and as smart and personable that he is, it will take some time to clean up the garbage.  After Bill Clinton left office, the economy in the United states was very vibrant.  In 8 short years, it’s in the toilet.  Be patient.  It will be done.

Congratulations Mr. President!