Ricky Gervais to host the Golden Globe Awards!

It has just been announced that Ricky Gervais will be hosting the Golden Globe Awards in January.  This is going to be great.  If you haven’t heard of Ricky Gervais, or you missed him at the Emmy’s last year, when he did a stint with Steve Carrell and took his Emmy back, take a look at this clip.

Guaranteed to make you laugh!


My Favorite Music Right Now.

    Lost Highway

I have acquired quite a few cd’s recently, old and new.  I have to tell you about two of my favorites.  I was just given a copy of Roseanne Cash’s new cd ‘The List’.  People Magazine calls this cd ‘a loving tribute – Cash puts her own spin on these tunes.  Two of my favorite tracks are Sea of Heartbreak with Bruce Springsteen joining her and Heartaches by the Number, where she is joined by Elvis Costello.  Excellent.

And I know I am probably one of the last people to buy Lost Highway by Bon Jovi, but better late than ever.  Every single song on this cd could be a #1 Hit for this group.  It is one of the few cd’s that every single song is good, including the collaborations with Lee Anne Rimes and Big and Rich. 

I have been playing these cd’s over and over. 



Rick Mercer Rants on the Swine Flu!

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This was too funny not to share!  A friend sent this to me, it is Rick Mercer Rant on the Swine Flu!  For those of you who don’t know Rick Mercer, he is is a Canadian Comedian , Television Personality, political satirist and a blogger.  He also has his own television show on CBC called The Rick Mercer Report.  Fabulously witty and smart, I hope you enjoy.


Hope, Vision, Action!

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Frank O’Dea, the co-founder of the Second Cup Coffee chain and founder of Proshred Documents is speaking at the St. John’s Board of Trade today.  I wont be able to see Mr. O’Dea speak but I have ordered a copy of his book “When All You Have Is Hope”! 

This is a man who at 23 years old, was a homeless person.  As he says he was 30 years away from receiving the Order of Canada, he was 20 years away from a marriage and family, 10 years away from earning his first million, and one week away from deciding he had to change or die.

The following is an excerpt from Frank O’Dea’s book ‘When All You Have Is Hope”!


With hope – all things become possible.
With hope, one has the courage to change the present into a very different future.
With hope, dreams are possible;
With hope one has the persistence to follow the dream and
With hope one can – and will – become much more than you ever dreamed possible.

Here’s hoping you have the Power of Hope working for you.