How Are You Doing With Your New Year’s Resolutions!

I have been putting a bit of pressure on myself to write my first blog of 2010, and then I realized, that if I had made a resolution to write at least once a week, I would have not succeeded.  And I didn’t want to get discouraged.  So it got me thinking!

Today is Thursday, January 14th and do you know that 75% have hit a snag by now, and that by March, that same percentage of people will drop them.   You know the drill.  We have all done it.  We get up January 1st and we are losing weight, getting in shape, eating better, taking more time for myself, reading more books and the list can go on and on.  Or, you could be like my sister, who insists on starting her New Year’s resolution on the first Monday following New Years Day.  Oh yes, this year Jackie started on Monday, January 4th.  After all, she wasn’t losing 3 whole days of eating.

The problem with people setting a ‘time to start’ of say 3 days ahead, you know what happens.  You eat more in that 3 days than you normally would, reassuring yourself you are going to start Monday, and by Friday, you have fallen off that bandwagon faster than a dog can lick himself!

My resolutions this year were pretty simple.  I wanted to travel to someplace new, which I am working on right now, going to make that happen in March with my 2 fabulous friends Maureen and Judy.  And I wanted to continue working out, something I started back in August of 2009.  And I’m proud to say in the last 14 days I have worked out 11 of them.   I kept it to two, and kept it pretty simple.

I hope you are taking the steps, baby steps even, to accomplishing even one of the things you set out to do in 2010.

Thanks for Reading