Marty Stuart shines in St. John`s

I had the priviledge Friday night of being in the Holy Heart Theatre in St. John`s to watch Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives.   It was one of the best country shows I have ever seen, and working in Country Radio for many years, I have seen many shows.

Before going in, I reflected on the fact that Marty Stuart played in Johnny Cash`s band, was married to his daughter Cindy, went to work for Lester Flatt at the age of 13, has played with Travis Tritt, Emmy-Lou Harris and many more, and probably doesn`t throw the word `Fabulous`around a lot, especially where it pertains to country music.  So I was looking forward to seeing him with the Fabulous Superlatives.

And I wasn`t disappointed.  From Marty Stuart`s known favorites like Tempted and Hillbilly Rock to some great classics like Long Black Veil and A Satisfied Mind, this was one great performance.

Hats off to the Superlatives, Paul Martin, Harry Stinson and `Cousin`Kenny Vaughn, who I had the great honor of sitting down and having a conversation after the show.  Playing with greats like McBride and the Ride, and back-up to many more, I took this quote from the Internet

Stuart is on a creative hot streak and, with guitarist Kenny Vaughan acting as his 6-string compadre, his mojo is at epic proportions.

It was indeed a priviledge.


Robert Decker – A Picture of Courage

Robert Decker, the lone survivor of a helicopter crash that killed 17 people off Newfoundland's east coast, arrives at the inquiry into the incident in St. John's, N.L. on Thursday Nov. 5, 2009.  

This is what courage looks like!  He is 28 years old and for many months carried the burden of being the sole survivor of a helicopter crash that killed 17 other people including friends and co-workers.  On November 5th,  not only family and friends of the victims, but the entire province was riveted to the television screen as Robert Decker spoke of the experience for the first time.

What I walked away from, was not the details of the crash, or how he survived.  It was the statement he read, honestly and openly telling people, he doesn’t know why he was the lone survivor.  Of course he doesn’t!  From what I can gather, when the helicopter hit the water, he was knocked out.  It’s probably a fair guess that others were knocked out as well.  He regained consciousness.  There was a window above him. 

Many people would like to call it luck, or fate!  I prefer it to call it a gift.  The man on the television yesterday was stoic and brave and every single Newfoundlander as well as every Canadian was proud to call this young man was of their own.  I am saddened for the loss of 17 lives and my heart goes out to their family and friends. 

But I am also hopeful!   Hopeful because this amazing man was given a gift, and I think he will take that gift and give it back many times over.  I believe we are going to see amazing things from this amazing man.