We Need To Change Our Focus!

As most of you know, I gave up television 18 months ago.  The main reason was the on-slaught of 15-minute stars who seem to be dominating the television and thus the lives of many people.   For the life of me, I can’t understand why we are obsessed with Lindsay Lohan, Lady GaGa, Kim Kardashian and even Snooki and The Situation.  For some bizarre reason, we are putting on a pedestal talentless people who are making no contribution to making the world a better place.

I just don’t get it!

Road rage is on the rise, oil reserves are on the decrease.  We are on high terrorist alert in many parts of the world, and global hunger is still a huge concern with 9 million children dying of hunger before reaching the age of 5.  I have never watched ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, but I’m curious, what are they doing about global hunger?   Is it just me, or are more people going day to day in a state of unconscious awareness. 

This is my blog to ask people to turn off the television for one day!  It doesn’t have to be today, as the rescue of the Miners in Chile is truly a heartwarming experience, as they come to the surface after 69 days trapped.  Put yourself in that capsule for one minute, and what would you do with your day today.  Would you watch tv?  Do you think any of those miners are going to spend today watching tv?

Something to think about.


The Extra Mile!


Emerson Drive sings a song called ‘The Extra Mile’.   Here is an excerpt from the lyrics.

I’m that smile you give a stranger
When you’d rather turn your head
I’m that book you read your children
When you’d rather be in bed

I’m forgiveness that you give
When you don’t think you can
Forgive somebody one more time

I love this song.   Every time I hear it I try to think of all the people I’ve witnessed that have gone the extra mile.  Like all the people who gave this past week in Newfoundland for the people who were devastated by Hurricane Igor.    Over 1 million dollars was raised from a province in Canada with only 550,000 people.  Wow, a great show of humanity.

I try to forget the young man I saw parking in handicapped parking on his way to the liquor store on the same day so many people were doing kind things for others.  Or the young girl finishing a drink and tossing the can in the street.  On a day when Newfoundland made National news for its kindness, I just want to say to you folks, you are an embarrassment in our province.  For those of you who park in Fire Lanes, Handicapped parking, or if you litter, drive a vehicle while texting or talking on a cell, you are showing a tremendous amount of dis-respect for the people around you.     Let’s all of try to go that Extra Mile, and it doesn’t have to be a monetary donation to help those less fortunate.  Let’s start  by respecting others and the environment we live in.