National Wine Day

What a week it’s been!

Royal Wedding

First, there was the Royal Wedding.  My friends and I loved watching these two lovebirds tie the knot.  It was a beautiful wedding.

Wedding Feast

We celebrated in fine style, with mimosas and a fine feast.  A grand time was had by all.

The very next day I then ran the 10K portion of Halifax’s famous race, the Bluenose.  A gruelling course with lots of hills, but we did it.

Bluenose 1

Bluenose 2

And then of course yesterday was National Wine Day…

Wine Day 2

A very full week, which entailed lots of celebrating, and a glass or two of wine.  There are two wines I would like to tell you about this week.

House of Mandela

The first one is the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from the House of Mandela.  This is the Royal Reserve and I tried the 2012 version, and in my opinion, the 2012 is ready to drink now.  I bought the 2014 because I would like to keep it for a while.  This is a good South African Cabernet and my bottle is special to me because it was signed by Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter Tukwini Mandela.  Tukwini, and her mom Dr. Makaziwe Mandela, started the House of Mandela in 2010, launching the first wine in 2013.  As a négociant, House of Mandela does not maintain its own vineyards, but purchases grapes and juice from small farms and markets them under its label.  The Royal Reserve bottles really focus on stringent quality standards. This wine is not overly tannic, and quite smooth on the palate, and the story behind the wine is also so interesting.  The label has the 100th sticker, representing what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday on July 18th of this year.

And now for my wine of the week…

Vigne Vecchie Primitivo

I tried this wine on Thursday evening and honestly, it’s probably the best Primitivo I have ever tasted coming out of Italy.  In a word, WOW!  Fantastic cherry aromas on the nose with spicy fruit on the palate.  This is a tantalizing full-bodied wine and I’ll be treating myself to this one again soon.  It’s a treat wine, coming in at $44 here in eastern Canada, but worth every penny.  I loved this wine and it definitely earns the title of my wine of the week.

Wine weekend

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Thanks for reading, and I’ll be in touch next week.




Hello Again

Barbados 10

This is probably the longest I’ve gone without writing a wine blog, but for a couple of weeks, I was here, in sunny Barbados.  It was a very relaxing vacation

Barbados 4

Relaxing by the pool (this is my nephew Riley)….

Barbados 1

Swimming and snorkeling in the ocean….

Barbados 2

And sometimes, just chilling.  Went with my sister Jackie, her husband Craig, son Riley, and her brother-in-law Guy and his wife Tracy.  The 6 of us had a blast, it wasn’t our first trip together.  And of course there was some wine consumed.

However, heads up, if you’re planning a trip, the wine is expensive.  I thought we paid a lot for wine here in Canada.  It’s nothing compared to Barbados.  Many things were expensive in Barbados, including groceries.  It’s an interesting island, as it’s British, so they drive on the opposite side of the road.  And they all drive like they stole the vehicle they are in.  A drive around Barbados is like a heart-stopping roller coaster ride.  I’m surprised our navigation system didn’t say ‘Stop in 300 yards and let me out”!!

Barbados 5

It’s a good thing we had a nice pool.  It was an opportunity to relax after the harrowing car ride.  I did, however, find it really neat all the homes are named, no matter what the size.  But the best part about Barbados, was the people.  They are super nice, and they love Canadians.

So, let’s get to the wine this week….

One of the wines I would like to tell you about this week is this beauty..

Dile Wine 1

When I got back from my trip, which was an ungodly hour in the morning, my friend Sandra had put some spaghetti sauce in my fridge, dropped off some spaghetti, and had this wine waiting for me to enjoy.  What a treat!  So I waited to open it until I saw her Monday evening.  This is the Dile Rosso wine from the Piedmont region in Italy.  It is Nebbiolo and Barbera dominant, two grape varieties well known in the Piedmont region.  The Santero Family, which produces the wine, started making wine in 1958, so they know what they are dong.  This is luscious!  It was juicy and rich with gorgeous cherry flavors and a hint of spice.  The bottle is sculpted so that your hand fits perfectly around it, making it easy to pour.  4 fingers on one side, and your thumb on the other.  Brilliant.  It was so good I bought another one and enjoyed it last night!

My wine of the week is one we can’t get here in Nova Scotia…

Gnarly Head 1924

The Gnarly Head 1924 Limited Edition Double Black Red Wine Blend is spectacular.  It comes in at 15% alcohol so it can pack a punch.  The name pays homage to the year the family opened the vineyard – 1924.  This wine is full-bodied, rich and really coats the palate.  The wine finishes with flavors of pepper and cocoa, and the winemaker suggests this wine for barbecue ribs and juicy bacon cheeseburgers.  I tend to agree.


None of the ladies that went to Barbados eat fish, but the gentlemen enjoyed this event.  My sister Jackie and my friend Tracy, pictured above, walked around this area of Barbados while the men experienced the famous Oistin’s Fish Market, always listed as one of the top things to do in Barbados.  My nephew ate all kinds of new fish for the first time, and this lively place which featured a bunch of different eateries and music, was packed on the Friday night we were there.

Image result for pictures of oistins fish market

Well that’s it for me for this week.  Enjoy the long weekend and until next week, Cheers