The True Meaning of Companionship

I was so moved by this photograph by Mark Stucker, that I had to write a blog on it.  I changed the title many times.  I started with ‘Are We Doing Enough to Feed the Homeless?”  Then I changed it to “Are You Lonely in a Crowded World?”  And then I decided to call it the True Meaning of Companionship.

We recently surpassed  7 Billion people on this planet, and yet, is it possible that more people are lonelier than ever before?   Have you ever watched people speed by each other in the mall or on the street and do you notice few people make eye contact anymore.  If our total communication depends entirely on the Internet (as I sit here writing a blog), is it any wonder so many people are lonely.  I have been blessed with many wonderful friends and a great family, and I encourage everyone to take time with their friends and/or family for some real face to face time.  Talk to each other if you can.  You’ll be making memories, believe me.

And although we have surpassed 7 billion people, study after study show us that there is enough food to feed everyone on the plant.  The World Health Organization says that we produce enough food to feed everyone. World agriculture produces 17 percent more calories per person today than it did 30 years ago.  That’s approximately 2700 calories per person.    The main problem is that many people in the world do not have sufficient land to grow, or income to purchase, enough food.

Back to the photograph.  In my New Year’s blog I wrote that ‘If you want to feel rich, count all the gifts you have that money can’t buy.”   The man in this photograph probably has less money in the bank than you or I, but in so many ways he is richer than most of the people I passed in the mall this afternoon.  Embrace your friends, your family or even your pet and experience the joy of true companionship.

Thank you Mark Stucker for a photograph that I hope, in some small way, will change someone’s world.


Things to do during a Power Outage!

I was sitting here, about to write a new blog, when bam!  The power went out.  You don’t fully realize how much we depend on this invention.    The first thing that pops into your mind is ‘What to do now’?  So I comprised this list of things you can do during a power outage.   The list is much longer if the power goes out during the day.  The first is the ‘daytime power outage list’.  Hope you get some ideas!

1. Dive head first in a tub of ice-cream.  That’s right, the power is off.  You can’t let the ice cream go to waste.

2.  Clean – It’s not like your house can’t use it.

3.  Go for a Walk – burn calories before you put your butt on the couch in front of the television… again!

4.  Take a nap

5.  Go shopping in an area of town the power is on

6.  Play a Board Game – FYI – this sucks if you live alone.  And the cat just keeps batting the pieces under the couch.

7.  Look for that flashlight you’ve been meaning to look for

8.  Discover just how crappy those emergency candles are

9.  Read – a great time to catch up on that book or magazine that you can never find the time to do.   Chances are you may learn something new

10.  BBQ – all the meat is thawing out anyway

During the night – it gets a little more challenging

1.  Figure out how you’re going to re-arrange the furniture once the power comes back on, because you keep walking into the coffee table.

2.  Go to bed – after all the crappy emergency candles are just little burning stubs and you never did find that flash light.  On the bright side, you’ll get a great night’s sleep.



Things you Hear in a Beauty Salon

I once read something that said ‘if you want to go to heaven – go to church, if you want to go to hell – go to a beauty salon.   I guarentee you its more entertaining than television.

I just had the pleasure of sitting in a beauty salon for 2 hours while a very patient lady took the grey out of my hair.  Oh my!  The perils of getting older.

However, it was a chance to sit between two twenty-somethings and get a different, quite refreshing outlook on life.  Ladies, for all of us, getting older dealing with aches and pains and dreaming of the days when we were 20-something, I say to you – Be Grateful.

First of all, did you know you can pay to have feathers put in your hair! (I am not making this up)  It costs $12.   And apparently this is quite a dilemma.  The good news is the feathers can be straightened, curled and cleaned.  Hmmm, I have dustballs in my home I can do that to, for free.  Can you imagine showing up for work with feathers in your hair?  My co-workers would have a field day.

Plus, did you know that the worst thing that can happen to you when you are twenty-something is not have plans on a Friday night.   Having to stay home with nothing to do but sip on a quiet glass of wine is dastardly – I call that heaven, but then again, I’m not hip!

And then there’s man trouble!  Whew, you learn some pretty new break-up lines in a beauty salon.  ‘We can’t move in together, because my mom won’t approve’!  If that doesn’t have the romance head south faster than a Canadian during a rough winter, I don’t know what will.  Or ‘I will continue to act this way until you break up with me’… Nice guy.

Ladies, there are advantages to being older.  In a hostage situation, you’ll probably be released first and your joints are probably more accurate than the weatherman   But you know what, we tend to discard toxic people and surround ourselves with loving caring friends, and that’s not a bad thing.  We have figured out what’s truly important and are better people for it.

I am proud to be turning 50 this year… yay


How’s Your Year Going So Far!

Mine is fabulous!!  I am loving 2012 and I believe it will only get better from here.  If you read my New Year’s Blog, you know I have set out some goals for myself.

My weight… I am exercising every day and eating better… I know what you’re thinking, it’s only been a week.  Well I have a very smart co-worker who says ‘You have to eat an elephant one bite at a time’.  That’s how I’m tackling the eating better and exercise thing.  I believe I can keep this up till I go on a trip…. which by the way, I am open to suggestions.  Drop me a line of your best vacation or a suggestion for me.  I am open to any and all ideas.

Remember I wanted to read more books that I am able to educate myself.  I am reading 2 books at this time.  My Life With Marilyn by Colin Clark and ‘The Rules of Management’ by Richard Templar.  I am thoroughly enjoying both reads.  If you have any more suggestions, I would love to hear from you.  I read a lot.

I also wanted to do more public speaking.  Well, I booked my first public speaking appearance of the year for this coming Thursday.  I am speaking to a group of sales people and I am looking forward to that.  If you have any words of wisdom to pass along, drop me a note.

The reason for this blog reflects back to the picture above.  Be the Change You Want to See in the World.  You see, it’s one thing to tell people that there are things you want to accomplish, but unless you start to take the steps to accomplish them, you’re just blowing smoke up their butts.  Oh, and I am still off the smokes.

How’s Your New Year so far.  Would love to hear from you