I Saw Mommy Drinking Wine with Santa Claus

I think what I love most about this time of year, is that a person gets to try new wines.  We tend to get together with friends and family more often, and people bring us wine as Christmas gifts and dinner gifts.  And I find that I am always trying new wines that become year long favorites.

I don’t usually pay much heed to the ‘grab your attention’ kind of names some vineyards put on their wines.  However, after trying and loving the Menage a Trois a few weeks back, a wine which I have bought and enjoyed several more times since.  So when my friend Susan, from the NSLC in Halifax suggested the following wine, I couldn’t wait to try it, and Susan was right – I loved it.

14 Hands Hot to Trot

I love wines from the Washington State.  As most of you know, one of my favorites is The Velvet Devil Merlot.  Well, the 14 Hands ‘Hot to Trot’ Red Blend is very impressive, and since the NSLC doesn’t carry The Velvet Devil, it brought me back to all the reasons why I love wines from the Washington State.

It’s a blend of mostly Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon and it was so easy to drink.   With fruity flavors of cherries and black currants, you can also detect a hint of chocolate.   At just around the $20 mark here in Nova Scotia, its great value as well.   I loved how the back of the bottle summed it all up.  And I quote “14 Hands celebrates the spirit of the wild horses that once roamed the Columbia River Valley.  Fourteen hands in height, these tough little horses were revered around the world for their strength”.

I didn’t find this wine tough to drink at all.  Quite easy as a matter of fact.  I have since purchased more and am looking forward to cracking open the next bottle.

Please drink responsibly not only this holiday season but all year around.



I’m Dreaming of a Wine Christmas

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  This is my last wine blog before Christmas, so of course, I thought I would focus on the Turkey!   There are some great options in both red and white.

Napa Valley Viognier

2011 Stags Leap

Napa Valley Viognier

I had the opportunity to try this wine last night, and it’s perfect for your turkey dinner at Christmas.  This Viognier (pronounced vee-ohn-yay) from the Napa Valley is light and crisp.  At $36.00 per bottle, it may be a little to pricey for some wallets, so here’s another one to try.

J Moreau & Fils Vouvray Demi-Sec, a Vouvray Chenin Blanc by J. Moeau & Fils

You’ve seen me write about this one before.  At $17.00 a bottle, the Vouvray by J. Moreau & Fils is a delightful wine with turkey.  At thanksgiving I bought a bottle of this over to a friend’s, and people thought it was the perfect match.   Vouvray is a Chenin Blanc and this particular one is acidic and goes well with roast chicken or roast turkey.

If you’re not a white wine drinker, I would suggest a Pinot Noir.

Kim Crawford Pinot Noir 2011, Marlborough, South Island  Bottle

This 2011 Kim Crawford Pinot Noir from the Marlborough region in New Zealand is the sister wine of the Pinot I wrote about last week.  This Pinot Noir, however, is lighter and in my opinion, a better fit with your turkey.  It’s $21.00 here in Nova Scotia, and I also like the Inniskillen Pinot Noir.  One of my favorites,  the cool climate of Canada makes for a tasty Pinot Noir.

So that’s it for this week.  Thank you to all for reading… have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the precious time with family and friends.



Rise & Shine To A Great Pinot Noir


I have to be honest.   When I think of the Marlborough region of New Zealand, I think Sauvignon Blanc.  The area is considered by many critics to be the world’s best at growing Sauvignon Blanc.   However, Pinot Noir is one of New Zealand’s sought after varieties, especially in the Central Otago region, where Kim Crawford SP makes this Pinot Noir.  (SP stands for Small Parcel)

Last night I tried the Rise and Shine Creek Kim Crawford SP 2007 Pinot Noir from Central Otago.  The first thing you will notice when pouring this delightful wine is the color.  The dark purple vibrant color – and then you’ll check the label again to ensure it is in fact a Pinot Noir.   This richly intense looking wine doesn’t disappoint on the palate either.

Lots of smokey flavor, but thing that stands out the most about this wine for me was the length.  You can still taste this wine minutes later.   Thank you to my two favorite NSLC people, Rick & Sue for suggesting this wine.

I loved it!  Run, don’t walk, to the nearest liquor store and see if they have this wine.  At $32.99 a bottle here in Nova Scotia, I can honestly say it was worth every penny, and then some.

Till next week, Cheers.


I Had A Menage a Trois Last Night…..

And I liked it!  The wine of course…

Before your mind sinks in the gutter, I am referring to the California blend.  This wine was easy to drink both before and with the meal.  It’s a three grape blend of Zinfandel,  Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and at under $20 a bottle, easy on the pocketbook as well.

The first aroma on the nose was oak.   But the oak didn’t over-power the taste.  It has a nice medium color and the three bedfellows blend well.   Fruity Zinfandel, smooth Merlot and Cab Sauv with nice tannins.  I had grilled pork and I thought it went very well together.

And now for my value find of the week.  I love Italian reds and this was a pleasant surprise to say the least.

This is the Pietra Pura negro Amaro from the Salento region in Italy.  (trying saying that fast 3 times)  At $12.99 a bottle,  I hope you will be as pleased as I was at the find.   The Negroamaro, or sometimes referred to as the Negro Amaro grape variety is native to southern Italy.   It’s not an area or a grape I am very familiar with but I did like the wine.   Great color, good structure, nice finish.  I had it with pasta and you can’t go wrong with an Italian red.  The glass I had after the meal tasted good as well.   Will definitely buy more of this wine.

Till next week, Cheers.



It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like….

Christmas for Wine Lovers!

Don’t you love this time of year?  Getting together with family and friends.  The Food – yes, we love the food… and of course the wine.  It’s a time of year when we try new wines, and buy new wines for friends.


Last weekend I had the opportunity to try the 2009 Descendientes de Jose Palacios “Petalos del Bierzo” Bierzo.  At $35 a bottle here at the NSLC, I was a little disappointed.  Now don’t get me wrong… most people love this wine.  It was given a 93 by Wine Spectator and a 90 by Robert Parker.  Dark black cherries, nice color, but I found it strong.  That’s the only word I can describe.  I like the Marquis de Riscal Rioja better.

6th Sense Syrah

Now it’s time to talk about my new favorite find.  6th Sense Syrah from the Michael David Winery in California.  I am in love, big time.    I was greeted by this dark purple color.  As it danced around the wine glass I caught aromas of toasted red fruit.   Hints of Vanilla and oak – all the things I love in a red wine.  And the taste did not disappoint.  This could be my new favorite.  I will have to try another bottle which I plan on doing tonight.

Till next week, Cheers