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Susan Boyle Is Still A Winner!

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Diversity Wins Britains got talent  Susan Boyle Falls Short at Britain's Got Talent Finale | Susan Boyle

By now, headlines around the world are screaming that ‘Boyle foiled’, Britian’s Got Talent Susan Boyle came in second place to the dance group Diversity.  In my mind, Susan Boyle is still a winner.

This is a 48-year old woman, who lived in a small village with her cat Pebbles, and literally overnight, became a media sensation.  With over 100 million hits on youtube, she suddenly became the focus of the paparazzi.  And we all know how kind the paparazzi can be, especially overseas.  Let’s not forget Princess Diana. 

So she lost her cool.  Now, when you and I lose our cool, it doesn’t make international headlines.  I say this.  Let the first person who has never lost his or her cool, be the first one to stand up and take a cheap pot-shot at this lady.

Diversity is a great dance troupe, and I wish them all the success in the world.  I don’t want to take anything away from their talent and success.  But Susan Boyle is still a winner in my eyes, and if someone is smart enough to give her a recording contract, I will be one of the many people taking their hard-earned money and buying that cd.

Susan Boyle, you were fantastic!


Former President Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton-JTM-039584.jpg

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was in St. John’s today, and not only did I have the priviledge to hear him speak, I also got the chance to meet him, speak with him and have my picture taken with him.  I will post that as soon as they send it to me.  You see, you don’t use your own camera, and have a buddy take the picture.  It’s his photographer, etc.

But let’s get back to the real reason I went to see the former President speak.  I thought he did a great job of tackling some of the current day issues, but what was most impressive was the fact that he spoke very well in laymens terms, so that everyone in the audience could understand what he meant.

He touched on issues like North Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.  But mostly, he spoke on making a change in the world, and how everyone can play a part in that.   I liked his message about how the global economy and climate change are weighing heavily on people’s minds, and that cynicism and pessimism causes people to do nothing.

He talked about some of the work his charities have been doing in poverty stricken countries, and took a moment to thank Newfoundlanders for the part they played on 9/11, and how they opened their hearts and their homes to people stranded on the 77 flights that made emergency landings in Newfoundland.

A great day – the sun was shining and I got to meet a former President.  Not bad!


Kanye West is an Idiot!

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First of all let me apologize to the regular readers… I never wanted to turn this blog into a lot of negativity.  I wanted to share triumphs, great books, good movies, and thoughts on different topics and current events.  However, too often I go on to peruse one of my favorite sites and this guy is there with a temper tantrum, or a sookie moment,, and now, he  has shown up on the Time Magazine’s website with this ludicrous quote. 

I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book’s autograph.
KANYE WEST, who is publishing his own book
Time Magazine, shame on you for printing this.  I know I am going to get some back-lash but I am willing to chance it.  I won’t even publish his picture.   If you have kids, my wish for you is that this is not one of their role models.  It doesn’t surprise me, that he doesn’t believe in books, unless I’m sure they are about him!!
 This is a guy who
** 2 years in a row at the MTV Video Music Awards, throwing temper tantrums, threatening not to return, BECAUSE HE DIDNT WIN!
** Leading up to the 2005 Grammy Awards, he was in the news again, complaining he wasn’t getting enough press!
** One of my personal favorites of how egotistical and small a person he is, came during the 2006 European MTV Music awards, when after losing, he jumps on the stage during the winner’s acceptance speech and starts yelling that he deserved to win.  This guy is NUTS!
With an ego like that, I wouldn’t be surpised to find that he Googles his own name every day.  Please let him come across this small little blog.  He’s an idiot, and magazines, entertainment shows and news shows should stop giving him press… then maybe he would just become that crazy ‘has-been’.
My apologies for the vent.  I promise the next blog will be a more positive, up-lifting subject.

Susan Boyle Wows Again!

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Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 - Saturday 11th April       SUSAN BOYLE SEMI FINAL PERFORMANCE Britains Got Talent 2009 HIGH QUALITY

If anyone was ever afraid to dream a dream, you should check out this clip on Youtube.

It is the clip of Susan Boyle’s breakthrough performance where she stunned the judges and the audience members of Britain’s Got Talent!     She knocked another one out of the ball park with her rendition of ‘Memory’ from the musical cats.  Check it out.

If you and your dreams have been silenced due to naysayers, check out these video clips, and never be afraid to dream big.  She was almost 48 years old, unemployed, and because she never stopped believing in her dream, became an over-night sensation.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she gets to live her big dream – singing in front of the Queen.

Go Susan Go!

Showing Up For Life

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      Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime            

If you read one book this year, please let it be ‘Showing Up for Life – Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime” by Bill Gates Sr.  In the book, his famous son, the more well-known Bill Gates said this “Dad, the next time somebody asks if you’re the real Bill Gates, I hope you say , “Yes”.  I hope you tell them that you’re all the things the other one strives to be”

This has been my “Wow” book!   In this book, Bill Gates Sr. talks about showing up for life… being there, volunteering.  He talks about hard work,  and radical generosity.    Bill Gates Sr.  is 83 years old, and says he is priviledged to be representing and running the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  He says he never imagined he would be working this late in life, or that he would be enjoying it so much.   He says he gets up early every morning because ‘he enjoys it’, and he thinks it suits him much better than lying on a beach. 

As you may be aware, the work that Bill and Melinda Gates have done has garnered them the Time Magazine ‘Persons of the Year Award’, sharing the award with Bono in 2005.   Read about the fantastic work these three people do in this article.,9171,1142278,00.html

But first, pick up this book by Bill Gates Sr.  It will move you.  And hopefully, it will inspire you to get out and do a little bit of volunteer work or just to ‘show up’ for the people you love.  Tom Brokaw called the book a “Gift of Great Value”.  I couldn’t agree more.   That’s enough reason to say ‘Thank you Mr. Gates for writing this book”.  I loved it.  I want to do more.



Made In China Part II

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See full size imageI couldn’t believe it.  After I wrote the article yesterday about how Chinese made products are taking over our homes, I look on the CNN web-page and there’s a story.  Some people in Florida are having to leave their homes and pay rent, because the drywall in the homes, which by the way has been made in China, are emitting gasses that are making them sick.   Read the full article here

We live in the age of information.  It is more easy to gain access to information and to share it than any other time in history.  Then why are people getting sick, and some dying, from Chinese made products?  Let me say right here that I know not every product made in China is faulty, poisonous, or tainted.  But we are buying baby food, pet food, toys and now drywall, that are not superior products. 

Let’s not assume China has the same ‘standards’ for safety and quality that Canada has.  Pay attention to what you are buying everyone.

Keep safe


A Year Without ‘Made In China’!

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A Year Without "Made in China": One Family's True Life Adventure in the Global Economy

A Year Without ‘Made In China’ – One Family’s  True Life Adventure in the Global Economy, is a book by Sara Bongiorni that was an eye-opener for me!  Sara and her family kick start 2005 with a New Year’s resolution not to buy anything made in China.  She called it a fascinating and frustrating journey and the book takes us along on the journey.

I love this book.  Sara Bongiorni is a wife and mother of 2 children.  Imagine trying to find toys for the kids and boycotting China at the same time.  If you start looking around your home right now, it will scare you the amount of products that have come from China.  

Think about it.  Mattel has recalled toys made in China because they were unsafe, infant milk formula made in China has been recalled because of taining with chemicals, candy has been recalled because Melamine has been found, and who can forget that Walmart had to pull pet food made in China.

Oh, and by the way, while other nations were boycotting products made in China, Canada was trying to convince its people that products made in China are safe!  Yet do you know anyone that pays attention to the ‘Made in China’ products.  I have one friend, Judy, who has been boycotting China made products for about a year.  We call ourselves a safety conscious society but yet parents still line up at Wal-Mart to buy everything from pet food to children’s toys… In this age of information and fast-paced technology, have we not learned anything if we are willing to put our loved ones at risk to save 10-cents?

Food for thought!  (Is the food made in China though?)  Buy this book!