It’s A New Year of New Wine!

Happy New Year to friends far and near, fellow bloggers and wine lovers!  Well, we survived 2012.  It was a year of some great times, and great wines.   It was a year of big change for me, as I moved to a new province.   And moving to a new province allowed me to try some great local wine, as well as new offerings from the NSLC and independent wine stores.

What better way to start the New year than with a great deal!!  Many people are a little cash strapped this time of year, but that’s no reason not to enjoy fine wine.  Am I right?

Talamonti Tre Saggi Montepulciano D'abruzzo 2008, Doc Bottle

This is Talamonti Tre Saggi Montipulciano D’abruzzo.  It’s a mouthfull to say – and a great mouthful of wine!  Tre SAggi, which means three wise men, is a terrific wine at a great price.  $16.99 here at the NSLC, it was given 90 Points by Wine Enthusiast magazine and in 2007 was awarded the Gold medal at the Mnidus Vini Great International Wine Awards.

It was spicy, oaky, lots of fruit flavor and I found it great with food (I had pork that evening) and I found it easy to drink all by itself.  Great dark color that looks good in the glass and tastes good on the palate.

I am always looking for new wines to try and write about.  Please please please, if you have a favorite, I would love to try it.

Thanks for reading and until next week, Cheers!



  1. Ron Delaney says:

    Happy New Year Darlene! great post! I need to try this wine, especially with its meaning and your review.

    1. darmyers says:

      Happy New Year to you too Ron. It’s a great wine, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks for the RT.

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