Mom’s Favorite Wines


What better way to celebrate Mom than with a good bottle of wine.  After all, chances are, you are the reason she drinks.  My mom loves wine… makes sense.  She enjoys both red and white, like her daughter, however now she leans more towards Chardonnay.  And here are a couple of my Mom’s favorite Chardonnay wines.

Casillero chard label    Lohr Chard Label

The Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay from Chile is Mom’s go to wine.  Under $15, no one enjoys good value like a senior citizen.  Ripe fruit, a little oak, and a well rounded well-balanced wine.  Salmon, chicken and cheese are just a few of the foods begging for this Chardonnay.  The Chardonnay on the right is out of Monterey California.  A beautiful Chardonnay and one of my favorites.  Mom just loves it when I buy this wine.  J. Lohr Chardonnay is almost a piece of art.  With a process called ‘Malolactic Fermentation’, which gives a Chardonnay that creamy smoothness.  Malolactic Fermentation is a process that removes the harsh malic acids from a wine and replaces them with the softer smoother lactic acid.  So you get all that gorgeous fruits flavors of apples and pears and the vanilla toastiness from the process and really good oak barrels from France, America and Hungary.

Devil label  Devil bottle

I love finding good deals and sharing them with you.  This is my latest.  It’s under $15, yep, that’s not a typo.  It’s the Casillero del Diablo Devil’s Collection from Conchay Toro in Chile.  (Say that 3 times really fast!)  This is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere and Syrah.  Hello BBQ.  I don’t live in the same province as my mom, but I’m having my sister and her family over for Mother’s Day and I’m doing the cooking.  Well, I’m doing the grilling.  I don’t mind saying it, I am the BBQ Queen of Nova Scotia.  And this will become a staple in my wine rack.  You don’t need a special occasion to drink this wine.  At $14.95 a bottle you can crack open a bottle any night of the week.  It’s full-bodied, well structured, spicy, peppery and flavorful.  You can tell by the blend of the three grapes that this is a beauty with a BBQ .   On their own, all 3 go great with BBQ foods…. now just imagine all 3 together.  Devil’s collection?  More like heaven!

Benziger Merlot label   J. Lohr Merlot label

Another red wine that will go with just about anything you serve for Mom on Sunday is a nice juicy Merlot.  These are two that I have had recently and they are both out of California.  Both are under $25 and both are beautiful.  The Benziger sold out of my favorite Liquor Store, that’s how good it is.  Subtle, rich with gorgeous spicy notes.  The J. Lohr is a little more full-bodied, still just as juicy and flavorful and on both wines the oak is so subtle, it doesn’t over-power anything.

Favorite child

I had to end on a funny note.  Neither of my sister’s drink wine, so it’s my only chance to toot the favorite child horn.  This year I just get to talk to my mom on the phone.  I hope you have a wonderful day with your Mom

Till next week, Cheers








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