Happy Easter

I’m not a big lover of chocolate, I like the salty snacks more, nuts and chips. I always hoped that the Easter bunny would bring wine, not chocolate, but that’s just me. Well, it happened this year.

Our Office Manager, Violet, organized a golden Easter Egg hunt this year, and I was the lucky person to find the golden egg. And what was the prize? A $50 gift card to the liquor store. Easter wine, my favorite gift from the best Easter bunny.

We also had the NS Auto Dealers dinner this past week. Hosted by our very own Bobby Mac and attended with Cassandra and the rest of the gang

My good looking works peeps, we have worked together a long time and I consider them family.

This was the white wine they were serving

A very popular white wine here in Nova Scotia, it sells at a store here in Halifax called Bishops Cellar. They sell them for $17 for a 1 litre bottle and regularly put them on sale for $14. A great wine at a great value. I’ve had this wine many times and it’s crisp and refreshing with gorgeous flavors of tropical fruit and zesty citrus. They also make a good red Rosso.

I’ve treated myself a couple of times in the past couple of wines, because the NSLC appear to be discontinuing some good wines and really reduced them. Here’s one my friends and I shared last weekend.

I wrote about this J. Lohr Merlot a few years back when I tried it at the Port of Wines tasting. One of the best Merlot wines I have ever had. It’s so rich and full-bodied and was like velvet going down. We enjoyed it so much with it’s rich fruit and notes of baking spices. There are still some stores that have some, it was $33, and it was reduced to $27. Delicious

My friend Angie and I kicked off the long weekend with a visit and this Zinfandel Thursday evening. The J. Lohr Merlot I just wrote about came from Paso Robles California, and this wine did as well. In my opinion, when you see Paso Robles on a label, you are getting some of the best wine California has to offer. Paso Robles offers warm days and chilly nights, perfect for wine. The Zinfandel grapes are picked at night, which makes for a better wine. Wine Enthusiast Magazine gave this wine 92 Points, and it’s $6 or $7 a bottle off right now.

If you live in Atlantic Canada, have a look around your favorite wine store. You may find some really good deals, and it’s a great way to enjoy a higher priced wine. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend.

Till next week, Cheers



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