Dream Big… It Costs the Same!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them!”  Walt Disney

It is said whether you dream big or dream small, the cost is the same.   As kids, we believe anything is possible.   However, as we grow older we are told to ‘stop day-dreaming’ and ‘grow up’.   Do you think anyone told Walt Disney to ‘stop day-dreaming’?  Probably!  Wouldn’t it be a shame if he had listened?

Sometimes I think its easier to work hard at something, than it is to take that leap of faith and have the courage to dream big!   Did you know that most people are not afraid of failure, they are afraid of people telling them ‘You’re Crazy!”  Now that’s crazy!

The motivational speaker Les Brown says if we are going to fall, we should land on our backs.  If we can look up, we can get up.  This is a guy that says some people die at the age of 21, but they dont’ get buried until they are 75.  Not the way I want to live my life! 

Most people on their deathbed rarely regret things they did, most regret the things they never did.  You’ll never wish you spent more time at the office.  I do not want to be one of those people who have regrets like that on my death bed. 

I had the privilege of attending an ‘Energy Empowerment’ Workshop this weekend with Dr. Gabrielle Woerner out of Montreal.  I found it interesting that our physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body are all connected.  I liked how this lady encouraged us to dream,,, dream big,,, dream whatever we like,,, but enjoy the journey.  Savor the moments we are in.   Take time to enjoy and be grateful for today!  Now that’s good advice.

Enjoy your week!  Dream Big!


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  1. msmorrisonspeaks says:

    great motivation! Successful people when asked how they get really big, they answer they never dream small! I think that’s what everyone should do. Never be afraid to dream. Great qoute from motivational speakers Les Brown

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