Adults love Snow Days!

As I was getting ready to leave work yesterday, all everyone could talk about was the impending blizzard today.   And I couldn’t help but smile as I heard many of my colleagues talk about what they were going to do on their snow day.  And I realized, not since we were kids, have we looked forward to a snow day as much.  Unless you’re a teenager, or in your early 20’s, when its near catastrophic to have a snow storm on a Saturday and heaven forbid be stuck inside the house, I realize as we get older it’s a day in heaven!

What a treat to hear parents talk about the fun snow day they were going to have with their kids.  A pajama day that involved movies, popcorn and laughter.  Or those of us with no kids, a day still involving pajamas, but books, movies and maybe a glass of wine.

You see as adults, if there is a snow storm on a weekday, most of us still have to go to work.  And for those with children, when schools and daycare are closed, it involves finding someone to take care of the children.  Let’s face it, a snowstorm on a weekday, can mean an extra headache to a parent.  But a snowstorm on a weekend, can mean a fun-filled day with your family.

And although the ‘blizzard’ was a little disappointing, not a lot of snow, just  a lot of wind.  For those of you that stocked up like the Apocalypse was coming, I hope you enjoy your snow day anyway.  I am still in my pajamas wondering what wonderful concoction I am going to cook up for supper.  Probably something that goes well with wine.






  1. Greg Smith says:

    Great read Darlene! Got to love the snow days when we get em!

    1. darmyers says:

      Thank you for the kind words Greg.

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