Wines To Keep You Warm!

Lucy in the Snow

Is anyone else sick of Winter yet?  For those of you who don’t know, I live in the Maritimes.  And the Maritimes is receiving a lot of press lately, across Canada.  Sadly, it’s because of all the snow we’ve been receiving.  And although Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick are receiving it in batches of 70 and 80 cms, Halifax is still receiving its fair share.  And the problem is that it usually melts in between snowfalls.  Not this time.  I’m ready to hibernate.  And here are some of the wines I would take with me on a winter hibernation.

hot to trot whitehot to trot

Anything with the word ‘hot’ will be sure to make my wine rack this February.  Hot to Trot makes a white and a red blend, from 14 Hands.   14 Hands is a vineyard in Washington State that is putting out some fantastic wines, and they are named for the wild mustang horses that run free in the State of Washington.  The white blend consists mostly of Chardonnay with some Pinot Gris and Semillion.  Gorgeous flavors of pears and melon with a fresh crisp acidity.  I love this white wine.  The red blend is basically Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.  A fantastic blend with plump juicy fruits and some baking spice.  These are fun easy to drink wines that come in under the $20 mark.

SandhillSandhill Pinot Gris

I could go for some sun and sand right now!  Who’s with me?  So I had to include a couple of my favorites from Canada’s Sandhill Vineyard.   The Cabernet Merlot is a full-bodied blend that packs a punch with plums and cassis flavors.  The Pinot Gris is one of my favorite Pinot Gris wines.  Apples, melons and pineapples.. wow!  Winemaker Howard Soon does a fabulous job on this Pinot Gris.

Kate Pinot Gris

Here’s the Kate Radburnd Sun Kissed Pinot Gris.  Made in Hawkes Bay New Zealand, it’s light and fresh and a perfect summer time beverage.  (insert daydream that involves the sun here)

Place In the Sun

South Africa produces the Place In The Sun Shiraz.  This is a medium bodied Shiraz with ripe berry fruit flavors and a hint of smoke on the palate.

All this talk of the sun makes me want to book a vacation.  Right now, I would like to tell you about my new wine of the week…..

Bell Echo Pinot

It’s this gorgeous Pinot Noir from New Zealand, Bel Echo by Clos Henri.   Made by the Bourgeois family, this Pinot Noir is a terroir driven wine and in my opinion reflects the Burgundian style of Pinot.  The family were growing wines in the Sancerre region of France, and decided to make the move to the New  World.  After checking out California, Chile, Australia and South Africa, they settled in New Zealand, because of the climate and the terroir.    This beauty had gorgeous flavors of red currant fruits, a bit of a floral note and hints of smoke.   Last night, after a freezing cold day, I came home, had a hot bath and enjoyed every sip of this beautiful wine.  It was a great Friday night treat.

Grumpy Cold

Till next week, stay warm… and Cheers



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