Things Not To Say In An Interview!

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 I have not written much lately because I have been travelling alot for work.  And one of the many challenges I have been facing recently is Recruiting!  I have been interviewing a lot of people for positions, and you will not believe some of the things I have heard in interviews.  One of my staff members thinks I should write a book on the subject, but I think I will start with my blog.

The following statements are actual statements I have heard in the past 2 months while interviewing people.  You can’t make this stuff up!

** “I dont believe in reading books and I don’t believe in professional development – I am as good as I’m going to get. “  The person who said this to me is not yet 40.

** “Everytime I get frustrated I need a day off! “  When asked how this person manages frustrations.

** “I’m going to need 2 months off my first year!”  Sweetie, if a company can give you two months off your first year, they probably don’t need you.

** “I assume one of my duties will be talk some people out of buying the product your trying to sell.  You know some people have too much, so I guess I’ll be cancelling a lot of orders!”  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, was the reply to that one.

The sad part is I could go on and on.   I had done a previous blog on whap happened to the work ethic, but I can tell you interviewing has turned into an interesting part of my work week. 

Hope you had a chuckle!  I know I did the minute they left the building.


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